Thursday, January 20, 2011

Men And Women of Honor

Bipartisan-5, or 6, or 7, it is now time for you to demonstrate that you in fact work for The People whom by their vote, entrusted you to serve their interest.

In compliance with the Home Rule Charter, The People chose to exercise their rights. We went into the county to collect 19,636 signatures, the requirement to place a referendum question on the May ballot, which allows the voters of the county to decide the fate of Gracedale.

At that point in time, We The People were ridiculed because not many believed we could succeed. Well, not only did we obtain the required number, we went above and beyond by 19%, obtaining 23,391 signatures in 90 days. Ironically, those that ridiculed us, now appear weary, and worried.

The time has come to listen to The People of Northampton County, do today what we ask of you…Leave Gracedale in County hands.

We The People believe that properly operated, Gracedale will go into the black, and then stay in the black. It will in fact sustain itself at zero cost to the taxpayers…MAKE IT SO.

Note that we want to support you. However, you must listen in order to hear, and then do as The People have willed you. Search your hearts, and then do what is morally right. Prove by walking instead of talking, that you are truly men and women of virtuous character, and solid substance.

We ask you to demonstrate to the County, and the Nation, that you are truly honorable men and women who can be trusted to serve The People. Help us see that We The People made the correct decision by choosing you to represent us.

Know that this Gracedale issue is not about you vs. us, or about winning or losing, but simply doing what is morally right for the people you are supposed to be serving, which also includes the residents of Gracedale.

We The People consider most of you, highly intelligent minds that begin difficult task by asking the question "how can we?" instead of using Angle’s term "we cannot". We expect you to comprehend that solutions that yield the greatest of benefits for all, are those that are diligently sought after.

Finally, please know that We The People desire nothing more than to TRUST in you. We ask that you ignore us no more…do the morally right thing, and we will support the wrong thing, then know that we will replace you.
God Bless America.

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