Sunday, January 2, 2011

We The People Are Not Going Away

On the way...added over three 3k to the existing 5k, presently just over 8k on hand with a reported 10k at voter registration, these will be turned in soon.

With just over two weeks to go we need all petitions to come back. We need all who can to continue to assist us in this endeavor, to help us push until the very end.

Angle says that it does not matter if we get 50k, he and his wicked ways will find a corrupt way to reduce it to just one under the needed value.

That's okay because truth be told, we will make the needed number, and that is what truly matters. if he and his misguided council members choose to take us under the required number instead of doing the will of The People, he will certainly pay for it during the upcoming elections. If not in May, then in November. If not in November, then the power of a new petition to remove him after the November election.

It is time for you Mr. Angle to understand that "We The People" are not going away. Push The People and you will be made to pay.


  1. WAY to go !!!!!!!!!!!!\
    Show them who's boss.
    Keep up the good work
    Thank's to each and everyone who helped in this,
    and keep it up till the end.

  2. I think that at this time the numbers turned in will be fine. There is no doubt in my mind that Bernie and Ron will do all that they can do to discredit either the numbers or people involved in this wonerfully democratic process. But, that doesn't matter because the objective has already been achieved: ALL THE PEOPLE IN OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTY ALL KNOW ABOUT WHAT COUNCIL'S DOING, AND THEY NOW KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WITH THE GRACEDALE QUESTION.
    I guess those few hours have been turned into months.
    Even the clergy has been mislead ,and I am not sure if they have figured it out.
    I,for one, am very grateful for those clergy who have allowed the COAF to participate in the petition drive even though the church grounds were not used. These are the true men and women of God.
    The more that Bernie and Ron tear down who is and who is not a TRUE member of the clergy, the more names come in.
    Therefore, some credit must be given them for helping with the cause. Good citizens know that
    the ballot is the only way to go with this issue which effects all.