Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Tell Less Than The Truth can we believe and trust in a government body like the current Northampton County Council when they continue to allow Mr. Angle to intimidate and threaten everyone around him? Including them.

His last threat was made openly to the Voter Registration Commission, threatening - Vote against the petition now or I'll sue you too, frightening the commission into voting 3-2 against placing the referendum question on the ballot.

Mr. Angle has claimed to be a pioneer of democracy in NorCo...Really. The ET reported the following "County Councilman Ron Angle and local blogger Bernie O'Hare filed a legal challenge Tuesday afternoon over the validity of signatures and petition circulators. A hearing on their challenge is scheduled for Friday afternoon in county court." Why would anyone who believes in democracy challenge democracy? Isn't that the true meaning of hypocrisy?

He then tried to intimidate two members of COAF, but they stood firmly, and fearlessly on the rock they believe in. And so guess what happened? The hearing has been canceled.

COAF is not done yet, the voice of the 23,391 who signed our petitions will be heard...whether Angle likes it or not. It will be a tremendous roar come elections in May, or November. That's no threat Mr. blogger, it's a promise. And the likelihood is that the Sheriff will vote along side of COAF, as we recall it, during the last CC Meeting your buddy Angle chastised the Sheriff, refusing to give him the resources he needs to do his very difficult job. We on the other hand, respect and support all law enforcement agencies, and take our hat off to the men and women in blue. Perhaps we will see the day that Angle and his disbarred lawyer trips into the waiting hands of the law.


  1. It is amazing that county cuncil can ok a dog park and yet Angle refuses to staff the courtrooms safely. Doesn't he pay attention to the news--other than if it's about him? Court rooms are dangerous places. He's quick to have his sidekick BO run to the sheriff when he imagines he's been threatened. How ridiculous. No physical threats were made or intended---just another attempt by the dastardly duo to try to cause trouble. Sheriff you and your deputy staff provide an important service to the county I'm sorry Angle doesn't appreciate it but we do. God Bless and protect you all.

  2. Sheriff I hope they take the money from the Butter fly project and buy the vests your department needs so despertly..