Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where Almost There

10,569 names at the voter registration prior to Monday 1/3/11, 8,115 delivered Monday brings us to a  current total of 18,684.

Coalition members will be out for the next two weeks collecting signatures. We are asking all petitions currently circulating to be returned if possible this coming Sunday (11/09/11) to Gracedale's 1st floor snack-shop where we will have a notary available to at no charge from 1-3 pm. ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SIGN A PETITION AND WOULD LIKE TO, WE'LL SEE YOU SUNDAY AT GRACEDALE.

We are confident that we will get the required number, but we are asking, especially Gracedale employees who have not taken part in the drive to please do so now. There is still time for you to help us make a difference. Pick up a petition and take it to your friends and family members that have not had an opportunity to sign. Any amount of names you collect is welcomed. Become part of the solution instead of the problem. You too can help make a difference. Be proudly part of this historic event which has already made a difference, as we have seen in the recent actions of Bipartisan-5. COAF promised to deliver, and so far we have. Please help us complete this God given mission.

This whole issue has never been about winning or losing as some may see it, it has always been about doing what is morally right...come what may.

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