Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time To Take The Gloves Off

The Tyrant got tired of all the lefts so he took off his gloves, he's now begging for a right...and he will get it, along with some other combinations. Unfortunately for him, we will take our gloves off too, and we are more effective without the them.


  1. According to BO,assistant to the infamous Bulldog, "a link to their post has now been forwarded to the Sheriff."
    Be careful of what you say or write because Big Brother is really listening and watching you.
    No wonder His fellow council members stripped Him, the Bulldog, of his leadership post.

  2. is it possible to say anything worst than they do on BOs blog? Does the sherrif have that link?

  3. keep up the good fight .... we are all behind you .

  4. The Sheriff is not the problem, Angle iseven for the Sheriff. The Sheriff has very difficult job protecting what has been entrusted to him, and when he asked for the resorces that have been budgeted for, what does Angle say? without them, exactly what he is doing to Gracedale.