Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disgruntle Angle - Disgruntle Friends

In a democratic society such as ours, people are voted into office, and of course out of office routinely. Last Monday, January 3, Mr. John Cusick was nominated to fill the position of President opposing Angle, and he won. Now it seems that Angle cannot accept the defeat.

During Mr. Cusick's first meeting as president on Thursday 01/06/11, he was first praised and commended by our spokesperson for humbly promising to be fair and civil in his handling of all meetings he presides over. Rev. Mario Martinez prayed to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ openly, asking his Lord to bless all on CC with the wisdom of Solomon.

Mr. Dietrich was then bashed by Chris Miller of Bushkill Township for suggesting in a newspaper article that Mr. Cusick has a nice "fair" personality, which allows people to offer ideas without being ridiculed or attacked. And he continued his attack then on Cusick for suggesting in the same article that he plans to hear everyone's opinions. Miller went on to say that he concluded that the reason that Angle was not re-elected was because he was NASTY. Yes Mr. Miller, We The People agree with you, and we believe that was part of the reason too. But, we say part because any reasonable person, including yourself sir, who has ever attended or viewed any meetings over the past year, will concur that Angle had to go, precisely due to his NASTY tyrant behavior. You may disagree with us because as a friend to Angle, speaking to further Angle's agenda, you have always received more than enough time, in some cases speaking for well over 15 min, while others who disagree with Angle were told to sit down and shut up...well, the time has come Mr. Miller and friends, for Mr. Angle to sit down and be quite.

The B-P-5 then were then chastised some more by a few more of Angle's supporter friends before he got up to the podium himself and presented what we would call a shameless cry baby performance. We were amazed at how well the B-P-5 maintain their cool, calm and collective composure, demonstrating just how CC is actually supposed to act and behave, even while under undue attack.

We The People would like to say to Mr. failed to listen to the people, you were rude, and yes NASTY, but best of all, you were foolish enough to believe that all on council were as shrewed, and self-serving as you are, only to discover that you were horribly wrong once again. YOU LOST Mr. Angle, get over it, but also get use to it...for more defeats are on the way.

Angle has lost several battles over the last several months, and with help from 20k plus voters that now follow COAF, we are hopeful that as early as May, Angle will lose the war.

It seems that not many thought that COAF could get 20k voters to sign our petition, well they too were wrong. A recent report has us at 18,340 names at voter registration. And please know that we also have about another 917 on hand, and we expect to go over the 20k mark this coming Sunday. And with ten days left, and many planned signing events, we anticipate going well over the required number of about 19,600, or so.

We would like to say to the few remaining Angle supporters, that the main reason that Angle lost his presidency is because he failed miserably when it came to listening to the people (during Thursdays meeting he was observed ducked in his seat on his cell), and also failed in courtesy, and also failed in fairness, and also failed in compassion, and also civility, etc. The People failed him in all categories. So, The intelligent republicans on CC realized that Angle is not a leader, and simply replaced him with someone that they feel will be. They are now belittled because they did the smart thing, and more importantly, the right thing. We The People welcome the change, and we feel that this new refreshing talk of civility and fairness deserves at minimum, a chance to prove itself. GOD BLESS AMERICA

To view Thursday's meeting click the link below:

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  1. Ron and Bernie cannot get over it.
    If one thought that the smears were something before the election, Wait.
    They do not really understand that the public is tired of all the yelling and smears that these 2 attempt.
    Thank Goodness that most of the people are interested in the issues.
    " I won't work with liars." He better. Ron was elected to that position in His region to work with all of the people of NORCO for the betterment of the County. Cusick can do it. But he will never act like Ron and his sidekick.
    Good luck, John.
    You have more support than you now know. However, you will soon see your support.
    A bully never wins.
    Ron and Bernie were prepared for a photo opportunity, and received a boot instead.
    I cannot wait until Mayand/or November.