Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Not Over Yet

Have faith...and believe.


  1. with his help we will prevail !

  2. i pray your right .... i never stopped believing in all of you who did a wonderful job at collecting signatures and trying to save gracedale and do whats right for the county . i hope you will keep us upddated as more information comes out ~

  3. 1. A lawyer and an Election Committee give a group of citizens the right to procede with a petition.
    2. The citizens spend 90 days and nights gathering names.
    3. The Election Commission informs the people that they need 19, 600 plus names.
    4. The final count of names without the verification of any errors comes in at 23,300 plus.
    5. The Election Commission meets again after the 90 days and hears the same original lawyer now say that the entire process is illegal.
    6. Of course, he just heard from the lawyers which were hired by the County to sell Gracedale that they have found some other case which makes the petition process illegal . The names have to be thrown out.
    7. This same lawyer's opinion has just been reversed after 90 days of his approving the process as being legal.
    8. Who is doing the work for whom,and at what cost to the citizens?
    9. The Commission's lawyer flip-flops after the group who wants to sell Gracedale comes up with another barrier.(ETHICAL)?
    10. The Commission who would like a little more time because they are not lawyers and are now hearing 2 different versions of what is or what is not correct are now being threated to be sued by Mr. Angle if they do not do their duty for due process right now. SUE,SUE,SUE.
    11. So, the Commission submits to his authority as a councilman pretending to be doing this as a private citizen who has EVERYTHING to do with the hiring of the Harriburg 3.Sounds pretty darn bad.I am sure something is not correct here. How long do we people have to endure this tyranny?
    12. Now that Messrs. Angle and O'Hare have gotten their way, guess what? Now they file suit against certain members of the people's group who are circulating the petition to ,I am sure, to teach them a lesson.
    13. I believe that the CITIZENS of Northampton County are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior for much longer.
    14. There are countries in this world when the government goes after people who do the agree with them.
    15. To the good people of Northampton County: This kind of behavior has to be stopped. If you want to express an idea,do you always have to be threatened with a law suit?
    16.All this brought to you by a Conservative who enjoys FREEDOM and not threats of law suits.

  4. with possibly 2 exceptions the council in place is a real joke. They are a bunch of cowards. stand up 2 little hitler he is just a man out for himself. What is a shame more than anything else is that if they stood up to him he would fail in all he does

    but thats alright becaus all everyone in the county has been watching this disgrace and we will all show our distaste in the upcoming elections and as far as i am concern they all have to GO!!!!!!!!!

  5. i think john stoffa is afraid of ron angle and bernie ohare to ...