Sunday, January 9, 2011

We have the Numbers

We did it - today we received petitions that put us over the required number.

We have until Tuesday, January 18, 2011, and so we will continue until the very end to compound the numbers we have.

If you want to read just how Andgle's derailment took place click on this link:,0,650887.story


  1. Great job COAF and the workers that helped I knew you could do it. Keep up the good work for Gracedale residents.
    thank you

  2. How your very small group did it is absolutely amazing.The people of NORCO should give each and every one of you a hat's off for returning a fundamental aspect of democracy to all of us.
    While we are ,indeed, a representative democracy,every once in awhile an issue arises which begs for the attention af all citizens because it truly affects all of us at one time or another. For real examples, take a brief look at the direction of our society.
    It surely is my hope with the beginning of the Fall of the Bully,reasonable decision making process will, once again, return to the County without intimidation at all levels.
    Is it possibly true that our PAST county council president refered to one of our female councilwomen as a "filthy prostitute?"
    If this is true, do not allow the fate of Gracedale be anywhere near this person.
    It seems to me that Mr. Cusik can provide the council with prfessional decision making skills.
    Congrats. I never thought that a small group of interested citizens, even with all the enthusiasm in the world, could accmplish such a feat.
    Bring on the ballot!

  3. Congratulations! A terrific upset victory for your team, and just as importantly, a richly deserved humiliating loss for Team Angle/O'Hare. It's the beginning of the end for both of them.

  4. In my opinion it is extremely pathetic that two highly capable individuals like the dynamic duo, Angle and O'Hare, are so very vile.
    What a waste of talent which could really help the County.
    Instead,they look to smear anyone who does not agree with them.
    As bright as they seem to be, I wonder why they do not see what everyone else sees when they see their reflection in their mirrors, in their actions, and what comes out of their mouths.
    The real question is,Who is/are the real "filthy prostitutes(s)?