Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who is Bernie O'Hare

Don't worry Bernie, this article is not about who you were, but more importantly who you are.

You are seen as some one who is blind following unbeknown to you, a blind man. Well guess what? You both will fall, as you are falling now for you are both blind. Allow those who are willing to help you, help you by taking the scales from your eyes so that you may see the blind man...then reach out and take the scales from the eyes of the blind man, so that he too can see.

There's a better way then the way you know Bernie, all you have to do is accept and recieve it. By doing so, you will inherit life beyond this one, reach out and grab it before it's too's free.


  1. Who is Bernie O'Hare?
    An American citizen who could be working to promote the ideals of democracy in a positive way to discover the ways and means necessary to make Gracedale solvent once again.
    He is an intelligant man who seeks to beat up people instead of helping.
    I agree. If he would only LOOK, he could be one of the people who provides comfort for those who need it.
    This might help him to become more of a great human being and not the pathetic, sloppy follower that he has become.
    He can really ,in my humble opinion,become helpful for all of us who live in NORCO instead of following and defending a lost cause like Angle.

  2. Bernie is an example of an intelligent , creative human being who has chosen to be the devil's helper rather than putting his talents to good use.
    What a waste. He says that members of COAF are nasty people. They are not. They do not take pleasure as Bernie does in being vicious. They tell the trith as they see it about their experience with NORCO. Thus he labels them a hate group. They have worked exceedinly hard for a cause they believe in so he refers to them as goons. I can't help but wonder why someone with so much potential just threw it away. Sad,very sad.

  3. I have just seen BO's latest post. He and a friend believe that too much venom has been hurled at Mr. Ron"tyrant" Angle!!!
    But, it's alright to call people names such as F..... Prostitute.
    Imagine how many people can recall the TYRANT'S vendettas and attempts to ruin people.
    The show BO put on for all to see when SB moved out of line for a moment,directed by Angle, produced a documentary for Oscar consideration.
    Now, that the tables are turning faster than they can move, they are now turning to sympathy.
    Sympathy for whom?
    Brother, what goes around
    eventually comes around. I suggest that with BO's perfect mind that he brush up on his chess skills because checkmate is soon to arrive.
    Also, kindly remember Marie Antoinette!!