Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Day Before

Good morning Norco. It is the day before the day of disclosure. Tomorrow at 3:30 pm in the NorCo courthouse, 3rd floor cc chambers, there will be a meeting where the verified and validated number of petition signatures will be disclosed.

We ask all of you who have believed in us throughout this race to please pray for us today, so that in representation of The People tomorrow, we will prevail.

We must make every effort to keep ourselves united in spirit, so that as one resounding voice we can promote peace and justice in Northampton County, and then the nation, and then the world. Pray in unity for what we need most, peace on Earth.


  1. will do ~ best of luck tommorrow ... i will be praying and hoping for the best ~

  2. i will be working but my thoughts and prayers are with us. god bless. chris