Friday, January 28, 2011

Gracedale has made millions for county

It's truly disgraceful to say the least, that so many fabrications are told relating to raising taxes to keep Gracedale in County hands. Heres an article of TRUTH.
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  1. In my opinion the sale of Gracedale now being rammed through by Council is an example of spectacular irresponsibility. The real reason for the sale is because Council wants cash to retire the disastrous swaption deal of recent years.
    In the latter case private consultants convinced government that certain financial juggling was safe, and then pocketed sizeable commissions for themselves. Some people attack Gracedales' workers for seeking decent wages for the extremely difficult work they do, but I have heard no one demanding the return of commissions which have added significantly to the County's debt.
    There is, as far as I can tell, not even the pretense of establishing the best ways to make Gracedale financially productive again. I think it would be more honest for Council to admit the role of government in creating this financial mess and to embrace ways to fix it however hard they may be but that don't jeopardize the welfare of the weakest and most vulnerable, our elderly.
    Such would be the case if a for-profit corporation puts its Medicare patients on a minimum-maintenance schedule and uses Gracedale's real estate for assisted living units which would result in sizeable profits over time. Those profits could be going to the taxpayers instead.
    I call on Northampton County's voters to put Council and its Chief Executive, NOT our elderly, on the hot seat.

    Donald Dal Maso - January 21, 2011

  2. I just wanted to make a comment in regards to the Gracedale RN/Social Service contract. It was stated by a county official the contract for the 2009-10 year was fair but generous. Fair would be to honor the contract by actually giving us the back pay for 2009 and the lump sum payment for 2010. Generous would have been to actually give it to us “in a Decembers pay” as was stated by the county. This is the kind of B.S. you’d expect to find from a big sleazy corporation, not the county. Stop giving us lip service and give us our very hard-earned money, please.
    Lehighton, Pa.
    Registered nurse, Gracedale

  3. Mr.DD Maso, you are 100% correct on your writting above, may I just add that not all of the council agree with Mr. Angle on the sale of Gracedale. Some of them have a heart, and know what is morally right, and the won't let Mr. A bully them into doing something they don't want to do. It is about time.
    And thank you Mr.DD Maso for your input you are well informed.

  4. Kerry
    I read this in a newspaper about a month ago.
    I brought it to the attention of my wife who works there.
    She does not know you however was concerned with your statements.
    We feel you are not helping the cause to save Gracedale with your remarks.
    I am glad I can tell you that.
    How are you going to deal with the PAY CUT you
    will receive when the place is sold.
    I ask you kindly to keep your possibly interpreted as greedy comments to yourself at this time.
    You only give the Angle people more ammo by making those types of statements.
    I won't reveal my identity due to my wifes subordinate position at the home.

  5. People of NorCo, know that if we are dealing with truth, there is no reason we cannot discuss it openly and honestly. As long of course, as we do so civilly.

    Communication on all subjects is paramount. Reading Kerry's statement, we feel she simply expressed her views. One can certainly sense her frustration with the County administration for not keeping their word. We should always however, refrain as hard as it may sometimes be, from using profane language. It serves absolutely no purpose, other than fuel fires that don’t have to be as large as they become.

    Our real concern is with the person who responded to Kerry’s comment, and is clearly fearful of retaliation by his last statement. The time for fear is over…the time to stand up and be counted is here. We just have to learn to transmit our thoughts first and foremost, truthfully, and honestly.

    Lastly, we are wired to behave the way we sometimes witness others behave, we should also get away from that. If we behave the way we see a gorilla behave, we become a gorilla. Most of us truly know the difference between what is morally right and wrong, and we know so because it has been carved into our hearts…always do what is right, and you will never go wrong.