Friday, January 28, 2011

We Live , We Learn

Most of us learn by way of our life experiences, and as we learn we begin to mold into who we are. We start out just laying on our back, and then learn to turn, then to crawl, we stand to walk, and finaly we run.

Today the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families is growing up. We are learning who we are, and it is thrilling to be part of the fabric called COAF. Like Kevlar, we continue to withstand Angle's attacks designed to weaken and dissolve our resolve...and as the attacker has discovered, his attacks, no matter how fierce, are stopped by the weave of the COAF fabric, manufactured by TRUTH.

Mr. Angle is from the school that teaches that the best defense is a great offense, so he is always on the prowl like a preditor seeking his prey, attacking especially the meak, and the weak.

COAF on the other hand, comes from a school that indoctrinates the best offense is a tremendous defense, which when supported by TRUTH cannot be penetrated.

Two certain points of views, but only one true reality...COAF will not be destroyed by Angle, or by any of his thugs.

Yes Mr. Angle, COAF can be knocked down, but we have each other - ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE - to pick us up, so we will not stay down. Every time you knock us down, we learn something new about you, and that makes us stronger.

We, unlike you, are not vicious people seeking to devour, but to assist those that need protection from predators like you.

COAF stands on the rock of TRUTH, something you know little about Mr. Angle. You tell of 20% tax increases - not true, if Gracedale is in the black, why would a 20% increase be necessary? Perhaps it is necessary to continue to grow the slush fund that once again is over $60 million. You tell - we don't have the money! Isn't the truth that we have not had a tax increase in recent times because we are actually being over-taxed? Which is why the slush fund continues to grow year after year.

Isn't it true that we in fact have the money to pay for the erronious swaption, the real reason you want to sell Gracedale, and still keep Gracedale in County hands?

Try telling the TRUTH Mr. Angle, you will discover how refreshing it is.

In the meantime, COAF will continue to grow, learning exactly who our real friends are, and are not. And we will defend against that too.


  1. what i want to know is which one of you is running against the dwarf

  2. please read lisa boscola's wonderful letter to the paper on this matter ... beautifully written and right on ~

  3. Thank You, Lisa Boscola for your letter to the editor. The first to go public for Gracedale.
    Hope some others follow.