Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Job Bipartisan 5

After viewing the the online video, we feel that the new NorCo CC this past Monday demonstrated exactly how government is supposed to work for The People.

We take our hats off to both Mr. McClure and Mr. Cusick for not allowing Mr. Angle to lure them into an argument after restructuring was completed. Mr. Angle who appeared stunned, as if he had just been struck by a one-two combination followed by vicious left hook, and an uppercut, took his new seat in the corner and then tried to lure Mr. Mclure into a trap, who humbly responded by saying "Thank you for your observation Mr. Angle" and left it at that. Angle then set his sights on Mr. Cusick, who also humbly deflated Angle with his final response, "I will take that under advisement".

Brilliant work by a bipartisan group of 5 that The People will stand behind if they continue to work for The People as they did during this political event...Again, we congratulate the five, and highlight Mr. Cusick for using the word CIVILITY. Government has different parties because we all have different opinions on different things, however, the different parties are supposed to be able to work together for the greater good of the People they serve. This was a significant act of taking government away from a tyrant, and giving it back to The People.

Thank you Bipartisan-5 for giving us a sign of true life, and a ray of real hope. And thank you too David for taking down Goliath. Just please be careful...Angle is plotting, and by the power of the vote, we can't rid you of him until at least May. GOD BLESS AMERICA

To view the video of the historic political the link:


  1. I heard at the council meeting last night Mr. Angle say that if some situation really did occur, he would reconsider his vote on Gracedale. He would do that just to demonstrate his anger over the fabulous 5.
    Now, tell me please, just how interested is Mr. Angle in the current residents of Gracedale. Even the ministerial group was mislead, and they can't even see it.
    Mr. Angle would sell his soul to anyone for his OWN benefit.
    So,how can his followers not see that? His total reaction to his not being elected was egotistical. I,I,I.
    Has he not realized by now that there will always be a person lined up to take your place.
    We Americans like to be able to express our opinions without the fear of smear. He even has a person to do the dirty work.
    After listening to his farewell speech,I knew that I had read the majority of those same words on his friend's blog. Let's forget the smear campaign,work for the people who represent you, and ,above all, leave this vendetta crap out of it...

  2. Honest? Honerable? These are not words that come to my mmind when you say the name Ron Angle. Pathetic. Slumlord. Deceitful. Egotistical. Sly. Bully. These words are a better fit. Oh don't let me forget---vindictive! Watch your backs council. Best wishes for a very productive year. Mr Cusick please remember who has the gavel now. Please don't be afraid to use it. YOU not Angle are controlling the meetings now. Make him ask to be recognized---I'm soooooo tired of him just butting in all the time. I think he is under the delusion that he is still President.

  3. I concur.
    Congratulations, Mr. Cusik.
    The people want you as our County Council President.Be strong and follow both your brain and your heart.Now, let's run with the ball.