Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Angle Should Apologize Publicly

It has been said that without law and order, society would quickly devolve into a state of animalism.

In Mr. Angle's "real world", he believes there is no law and order, in fact, he believed he is the law and order. Evidence of his lunacy demeanor was apparent in his recent animalistic attack on Ms. Ferraro, calling her a name that we would rather not repeat.  How would he feel if someone called his mother that name, or his wife, or his daughter, etc.

Ironically, Mayor Sal Panto of Easton was on 69 news this evening, guess what he said...that it is up to both political parties to bring civility back to politics. Imagine that. Well, where is the civility in Angle? We don't believe he even knows how to spell the word.

Mr. Angle, take note, you are a poor excuse of a man to do and say the things that you do. Your are a poor excuse of a politician and that is why We The People will remove you this coming May. You can bank on it...and you can bet on it. You will leave office in May. Everyone is sick and tired of your antics, especially nine out of ten Norco voters. Remember the poll?

Mr. Angle, regardless of the outcome of the petition, you are history. We are certain that the Republican party is quietly praying that we succeed in removing you, because while they want to stand by their party, they do not want to stand by you any longer. The coup as you may call it that took place on January 3, 2011 is evidence of that fact.

We are certain that if the other Republicans on Council, aside from Mr. Theiry, would have been told of the plans, they too would have joined the effort. We challenge any Republicans that feel that Angle was justified in his remarks about Ms. Ferraro, to stand up publicly and say so. We seriously doubt  that any will.

Recently, someone pointed out to us the Angle resembles a very well known tyrant by the name of Hitler...Who today would want to be associated with Hitler? And who today would want to be associated with Angle?

Soon you will meet the Donald Trump of NorCo "The People", and they will say: Ronald, YOUR FIRED. But before that happens, be a man and apologize to Ms. Ferraro for your brutal, insensitive and unnecessary remark.

Click the link: Look for - Will the real Ron Angle please stand up,0,7166499.story?page=2

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  1. Paul once said that as a prisoner of the Lord, he urges us to live a life worthy of the calling we have received. He asked us to be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one and other in love. He also asked us to make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.

    It does not matter to me, if Ron Angle, or anyone else for that matter, agrees with me or not. I will continue to pray for Ron, and for Bernie.

    I ask the Lord to change their wicked hearts, open their eyes to the truth, give them also the wisdom to understand the error of their ways, so that we may all learn to live our lives and our callings like Paul suggested. And please Jesus, shine Your light of righteousness on us, that we may become one in the spirit, discovering each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, and bond us all in the peace of Your love. Amen.

    Rev. Mario Martinez