Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Is Michael Dowd?

Mr. Dowd is up for re-election this year, and we must ask, what has he done for the Widows and the Orphans of Gracedale, both present and future, other than throw them under a bus?

We have been patient with Mr. Dowd because as a man of God, we anticipated that eventually he would side with the Widows and Orphans. However, as the Gracedale issue has progressed, we have discovered that he is not a man of peace, but a man of Angle. Sad...very sad.

We wonder, does his congregation have a clue as to what he is doing on CC against the very people he is supposed to protect. Since when Rev. Dowd, has money been more important than the poor souls of the world that God entrusted to you. 

A true Pharisee Mr. Dowd, by any other name is a true Pharisee. Look in the mirror sir, do you see a true Pharisee? Please prove us wrong, and perhaps we can support you too, or...force us as Angle did, and WE THE PEOPLE will find someone to run against you. Please don't put us to the test... 
...for The People will prevail because as Rev. Martinez continues to remind us, with God on your side, who can stand against you? Tell us who Rev. Dowd, who?

Please Don't point to Angle because he just represents the nonsensical Pharaoh, who refused to listen to Moses, and history has certainly taught us what happened to Pharaoh and all of his foolish followers.


  1. Dear Mr. Dowd,
    Although still in the rumor stage, it has come to my attention that Mr. Angle went further than calling Mrs. Ferraro a "filthy" prostitute. People are saying that he might have used the F-Bomb instead of filthy.
    Trust me when I tell you, Reverend, I shall find out the truth if it takes me months.
    You, of all people, should approach Mrs. Ferraro before I do, and learn the truth.
    If it is untrue,which I hope that it is simply a rumor,then the story is bad enough for our once esteemed President of Council who has done better than anyone in our history: I have heard the same editorial speech and read the same thing approximately 4 times now always said by him praising himself.
    But, if this rumor is true, I suggest that you re-think your position in his pocket and do something to help Mrs. Ferraro.
    Even if you believe that nonsense that Mr. Angle spews about Gracedale and clear your mind of what is really going to happen to Gracedale's future residents,the very least that you can do is to learn the truth and help both Mrs. Ferraro and,of course, Mr. Angle who needs something besides money and Bernie.

  2. You are correct;however, you have to go further than this Dowd man. He is interested only in his social"position" in his own life.
    The entire Council MUST address Mr. Angle's verbal,obscene remark{s}which he made to Mrs. Ferraro,and who knows if there were more of these abusive words used to describe others .
    The time has arrived for Mr. Cusik to grab his gavel and use it. Mr. A is no longer in charge. Everyone in NORCO knows it except for Mr. Angle and his ghost writer/intimidator.