Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Over When It's Over, And It's Not Over Yet

The Peoples petition effort to give all NorCo voters an opportunity to decide the fate of Gracedale has been an effort of epic proportion. Aside from the dedicated COAF members, not many really believed that the required numbers would be obtained. Surely not the EX-CHAIR.

Last Tuesday, January 25th, 2011, during the NorCo Election Commission meeting in the CC Chambers, the ex-chair put on a display of seeming anger, threatening the commission to force a vote, one that the commission did not see within their authority to take. Obviously shaken by the threats, the commission took the vote, regretfully denying The People the right to have the question on the ballot, disallowing The People their inalienable right to vote on the Gracedale issue.

The ex-chair also brought a case against two members of COAF, believing somehow that the Coalition would tuck tail and run...the opposite was his reality, we stood firm on our conviction to be the voice of The People, especially those that cannot speak for themselves at Gracedale. We have in fact done what any red blooded American would do, we hired reputable representation whom we anticipate will correct this injustice.

We were recently asked why would any competent politician want to do such a thing? As reasonable people we have been pondering that thought, however, we have failed to come up with a reasonable answer to that question. We cannot explain why any politician would fear the vote of The People, when it was the vote of The People that place them in office.

We do not hold the commission responsible because we believe that they voted by way of coercion, not by their own free will. We hope that given another opportunity they will do what is morally and constitutionally right. And then when it gets to the County Council, we anticipate that as leaders of a democracy, they will do the same.

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