Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who is Bruce Gilbert?

Mr. Gilbert was elected because he deceived people, and groups of people like COAF into believing that he would work for the people. Has he? No, we don't believe so. In retrospect, if we had to do it all over again, we would not support this fast talking wanna be politician.

Gilbert has done nothing since becoming a member of CC, except what ever Ron wants. Watch him closely and you will see what we are talking about. it seems that he starts out in one direction, and when Ron says, heal, he runs to Angles side and sits like a good little puppet. It's pathetic.

Mr. Gilbert, know that a good politician follows, a great politician leads. Notice how Angle thought so little of Mr. Dietrich, calling him in so many words an idiot. But what did Dietrich do you ask? He stood alone, then sprang into action, and then guess what happened, Mr. Angle was the idiot January 3rd.

The biggest problem that COAF has with you today Mr. Gilbert is that you talk until heads spin, but you say absolutely nothing.

If you are truly smart, you will watch TD and learn. If not, you will serve your term and be removed like Angle will be in May, or Nov. Preferably May.


    Do not allow yourself to be distracted by his smooth and kiddish personality. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth.
    That rather large and MACHO individual said nothing to protect those people who were being belittled by the dethroned King Ron.
    He claims that he is only protecting the financial side of the budget. Fine, what about the compassion he should have for the carnage which the King left lying on the floor when someone said something with which the King disagreed.
    Hang on to your hat, Bruce. When the King wanted to start his own dialog with the Union, he threw you, Dowd, and Thierry way under the bus.
    He wants to win at all costs. You should by this time know that supporting a despot will not help you get anywhere in the political world.
    There is still time for you to see the light.

  2. When this man (Gilber)spoke to a group about some concerns they had about care of loved ones he spoke of "understanding" "compassion" "concern."
    He promised to help. Empty promises just like his other empty words. He may spend a lot of time talking but in the end he says very little and does even less. Oh he spoke of personl experiences of elderly loved one and the need for quality care. But finances are his only true concern. What a waste. Bruce has the potential to be a leader but he has to choose a better role model to follow. Also he has to remember every broken promise is a lost vote.

  3. I just read BO's article concerning TD. Bo is still pounding sand. As bright as he seems to be , he still cannot see that David took down Goliath.
    The people of NORCO who have been intimidated for years with the ruthless twosome are no longer willing to put up with the craziness and nonsense.
    RA and BO- get over it; you are done.
    Your dance cards will only have your two names on it from now on in.
    And, with RA trying to deal with COAF in order to beat the others to the punch to restore something to an already tarnished name,he is the liar and the traitor.
    When I just heard about the "filthy prostitute," I wonder what the Rev Dowd will say about his buddy now?
    Is he a politician or a REAL minister?
    From what I have read of his background, he may be a likeable man,but ministers try to help the fallen ones,RA and BO , not support them.
    For God's sake and the sake of NORCO, Rev, do something to help those who "cannot speak for themselves."Is this not your special calling?

  4. I would think there would be a special suprise for RA from the male members of Ferraros family, I know if he besmerched my mother or grandmother like that there wouldn't be any of that turn the other cheek stuff, sorry, nobody talks like that about my mother, a gets away with it.