Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Number

          The Finale number 23,155 turned in.
                          God Bless America

Bernie O'Hare who claims to believe in democracy, checking names for Angle to possibly contest the petition names. Why would anyone who believes in democracy want to stop democracy? Hypocracy...Yes.

Didn't Angle say that he would consider changing his position on the Gracedale issue last meeting? Then why was he on 69 news tonight saying that he still favors the sale? Didn't he also reach out to Jack Dalessandro and union rep Justice James to broker a deal to save Gracedale. Flip-Flop, can't make up your mind, huh.

Next County Council meeting 01/20/11 6:30pm


  1. Angle's phone call to a COAF member indicating he now wanted to talk to a UNION member not even 12 hours after his concession speech, (heard or read at least 2 times so far,says it all.
    He was so angry at the members who

    demoted him that once again he wanted to get even.
    He has finally met the great wall of America- THE PEOPLE- who are no longer going to allow him to intimidate them on any level.
    Now there is a group of,AT LEAST, 23 thousand people who are going to form a protective block around those who he tries to dominate or intimidate.
    Good luck, Ron, you lose no matter how many names are accepted or not.
    The days of the "BULLDOG BULLY" are now over!

  2. Ron remember this -- " If I were your leader this would be all over with"? " You people are stupid meaning COAF members" ?
    First you want to sell Gracedale, then you want to make a deal with the COAF, and the union to keep Gracedale . Tonite on the news you say the residents would be better off if Gracedale were sold. Which is it Ron? Why don't you just tell the taxpayers the truth it is going to come out soon anyway. Own up to the facts.
    Remember me Ron ?

  3. Why Angle why not the president or vice president? They are the ones who should have been asked. Just have to keep that face in the news. Angle said state law said you can not do it. Chief drum beater BO said home rule charter said you can not do it, flip flop flip flop,who is the right one, who is the wrong one. May be both? Why is BO spending days at the election office cheacking names, who is paying him to do it.

  4. Gee who is that good looking guy in the picture ?
    Are those petitions in front of him ?
    Does he work in the tax office ?
    He looks important ?

  5. Bernie O'Hare,who actually believes that he can run NORCO, has said on his blog that Tom D flip flops. He has just about said anything that Angle could think of to discredit Mr. D.
    Now, I am learning that Mr. Angle is also flip flopping.There we have gotten a perfectly balanced equation.
    Who are the dynamic duo to accuse TD of unethical standards when Bernie and Angle are doing worse things?
    Thank God for the truth which is coming out of TD's mouth.
    My money is on TD because he was strong enough to speak his own mind.

  6. Ron thinks he is still president. He doesn't know when to step down and keep quiet, or ask to speak. He think's he's THE MAN !!! well wake up and smell the roses or should say petitions.
    You messed up trying to sell Gracedale, you are washed up. You did it to yourself. You only have yourself and your side kick BO to blame

  7. The CC should use their heads and their hearts
    Ron is not president , and you should not let him bully you any longer.
    CC good luck in all you do.

  8. Ron Uncle, told Ron if he wants to sell gracedale, DO COME TO SEE HIM AGAIN. What is in it for Ron, he uses Spring Creak as a model. The gentleman from Dalphin County said at atown meeting in Forks, they were going to lose their nursing license, that is why they sold. If goverment does a bad job of running anything why did some Banks turn to the Goverment for Money, along with two of the big three auto makers?

  9. Farm land preservation, 1 Million dollars in budget, one million more when they sell gracedale. HOW MUTCH LAND HAS THE BULL DOG PUT IN, NOT ONE SQUARE FOOT. Whos land is available for develement, when the rest is in farm land preservation, the BULL DOG. Nothing like looking out for self, when your are on counsel,

  10. I can remeber siting in councel meeting and how can 12 people do this, the COAF core 9 people wanted a voice, you Mr. Angle, did not want to hear us, now we are 23,155 people and you do not want to hear us. Your attitude is i will do as I want. Chief drum beater,trying to put us down only made us work harder to win please keep doing it, we are in for the long hall, we have not given up. Stick around for spring, lets see what happens.

  11. It is truly amazing what this small but determined group of people have done. 19% over what was asked of them. WOW is all that can be said. While I may not be sure at this moment how I will vote in May on this issue I have to take my hat off to their persevering spirit. It actually makes me proud to be an American during a period of time the trust in government has been lost. Truly amazing. Great Job.

  12. Hey everyone, read a little about the groups that are interested in buying Gracedale! The Ensign group! Oh boy, they work below state madate in nursing hours, they take their fines because it's cheaper than hiring more help! The new owners of Dauphin County nursing home... check it out, they had more deficiencies than ever... can't wait to see what happens when they buy Gracedale!