Monday, January 17, 2011

Domocracy? Primitive Thinkers? - What Does That Mean?

Primitive thinkers have never understood the true meaning of the word democracy. They seem to believe that you pick a side such as democrat or republican, and then you stay on your side. That simply put, is the farthest thing from the truth.

Any reasonable American understands that you pick a side to be able to vote in all party elections, or you register independent. Independents however, are limited to vote in certain elections only. But let us all comprehend that just because you picked a side does not mean that you must always stand with your party. No no no, that is primitive thinking.

Our Founding Fathers intended for all true Americans to look at the issue at hand, and then search their hearts for the answers to resolve the issues. Consider just how sad it would be for an elected official to have to go along with their party, for the sake of doing so, even if they don't agree with it. Would that be right? Absolutely not. That would be primitive thinking.

We must also consider all sides of an issue, and then take a stand based on what we know to be morally right. Not what we believe to be right, but what is in fact morally right. You see, just because we believe that something is right or wrong does not make is so. We must grasp the significance of moral correctness.

Lets look at Mr. Angle for example, it was reported in the media that in a fit of rage he broke his fathers wheelchair, and then he refused to pay for the repair, or a new one. Now raise your hand if you believe he was right in his action. I would suggest that if you are sane, and understand the difference between right and wrong, spearheaded by morality, you did not raise you hand. Morality is written into our hearts, and nothing can ever overwrite it.

Now let's look at what Mr. Angle did to Ms. Ferraro, who just because she voted in the direction of what she believed was morally right on Jan 3rd, she was subjected to name calling by Mr. Angle, who called her according to the media a filthy prostitute (there is a rumor circulating that the word filthy was actually the other F word). Did he say it to her face? No. Did he say it behind closed doors? No. He chose purposely to say it publicly in the media to cause her distress and embarrassment. Is it true? Absolutely not. All of us who know the councilwoman know that she is a woman of substance. And if it were true, who cares? We only care that she did the right thing. How many of you feel Angles action was morally right?

As humans, we can dismiss morality based on our learned values and principles...if we learn true values and principals rooted in morality, we will never have a desire to dismiss morality, but will stand firmly on it.

Our Forefathers believed greatly in morality. And when it came to what side they were on, they all chose the side of morality. I know this to be true because they established our great Constitution, which is what makes America what it is today, a great nation that all abroad seek. Unfortunately, misguided tyrants like Mr. Angle have been chipping away at the foundation that hold our walls of truth upright. They intend to slowly tear us apart so that they can rule with an iron fist, divide and conquer. But, We The People will not stand for it...not then, not now, and not in the future. The People of NorCo will dismiss Angle before we ever dismiss morality.

Voters of NorCo, what we witnessed on January 3, 2011, a historic day in NorCo's history, was a sure display of the same courage our founding fathers had, both sides saying, we will do what is morally right. And they did so when they dismissed Mr. Angle from the Chair. Two sides, working brilliantly together as intended, for the better good of the whole - The People. This is something that primitive thinkers like Angle, and BO will never understand. So be it.

What is the true definition of democracy? It is morality, used as intended by the Creator, to further his kingdom, and the world to come.

Lastly, I say to Mr. Angle, you once questioned my leadership abilities, well, a close friend explained to me at the outset of this journey, that one knows that one is a true leader when one looks behind them and see followers. On January 3rd, 2011 you looked back and what did you see? Today, a day of remembrance and celebration for a truly great leader, Martin Luther King Jr. I look behind me and see tens of thousands following me, not because they like me Mr. Angle, but because they believe in me, and in the actions I have taken. They see morality in me, and they know that I serve my God, and unlike you, I serve the residents of Gracedale, and The People of the county without expectation of benefit.

MLKjr. once said "A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus". GOD BLESS AMERICA

Rev. Mario Martinez

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