Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tyrant Has Been Removed From The Head

What happened Morning Call...your ridiculous story on how great Angle is as president of NorCo CC didn't work. The Tyrant Angle has been removed from the helm.

Congratulations to the new and inproved CC. Thanks for finally standing up. Now Lead by President Cusick.

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  1. This is a great day for Northampton County and the council. Three cheers for the council ,we knew you could do it. Mr. cusick show the county how a president should act, you and Mrs. Ferraro will do great. Congradulations to both of you and to the rest of the council for doing the right thing for the people of Northampton County.

  2. Definitions for the leadership - "A leader is one who inspires others to greatness. A leader 'does what he says he will do'. A leader motivates and inspires others to succeed. A leader is a visionary who has the ability to communicate that vision and inspire others to support it."

    I agree with all of those definitions. They were/are vital characteristics for any successful leader to possess. I strongly agree that leaders must be people of integrity. They must "do what they say they will do".

    In my opinion, TRUST is the most important leadership principle. Trust is super important in any relationship, including working relationships. God instructs us to be people of integrity. "The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him."

    Trust and Integrity go hand in hand. Integrity is moral excellence and honesty. Integrity is the seed that brings forth a harvest of trust. When you are a person of integrity, you can be trusted.

    Leaders can be Trusted to tell the truth; trusted to keep private matters private; and trusted to make decisions in the best interest of others, and not for themselves. Trusted to manage processes with diligence and to lead people with integrity.

    Rev. Mario Martinez

  3. I can already hear bernie crying.Can one imagine this unprofessional fraud attempting to protect his Boss?
    Thanks to all members of the Council who have just returned civility to our County.
    Who's now afraid of the big, bad wolves?

  4. The path to healing requires humility, and civility on all sides. Lets commence the walk by forgiving each other for our erroneous ways. And then let’s pray for Mr. Angle and Mr. O’Hare, that they should become what we believe we are.

    Rev. Mario Martinez

  5. I will not rest until he is out of office.
    This is but a ray of hope, no more
    He continues to have a voice
    yes a diminished voice, however a voice none the less. Let us hope sanity prevails and he is eliminated early on in the primary. I really think he is of the opinion the Gracedale issue isn't a problem for him. Nappy meet Waterloo

  6. Winston, I agree with you, angle has to go * The key is to help this coalition group continue first with the petition drive and second with the campaign they have been speaking about to remove angle from office * I just saw the 69 news piece * cusick was humble while angle of course was arrogant as always. YES>>>HE HAS TO GO!