Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lamont McClure Says:..

...I Will Not Raise Your Taxes in My First Term... 

...Our Opponents Won't Make the Same Pledge!

Dear Friends:

I am truly the only candidate who won’t raise your taxes. Recently, I asked Mr. Callahan a second time if he will take a pledge with me to not raise taxes in his first term as county executive and he refused.

I am the only candidate in this race who has not voted for a tax increase.

By comparison, Mr. Reibman increased your taxes 64% as County Executive, John Callahan has increased taxes 43% during his time on Bethlehem City Council and as Mayor.

They won't take the pledge because their fall back positions have always been to raise taxes.

My plan calls for the hiring of a Community and Economic Development Director, protecting and maintaining Gracedale as a county run home and protecting open space and environmentally sensitive lands while not raising your taxes.

That’s leadership you can believe in that will move Northampton County Forward. I appreciate your support and don’t forget to vote May 21st, 2013.


Lamont McClure


  1. If Callahan wins the primary, all the dems I know will be voting for rep Tom Brown

    1. Hopefully, so will everyone!

  2. For some time now, I have been kneeling at the foot of my bed each night and praying the devil(s) back to hell. And its worked...count 'em...Ron Angle Jr (jail), Ron Angle Sr (1.3 million) , John Stoffa (coming soon, and its perfect) and Kelly Gross (very soon, even more perfect) .....

    ....O'Hare (his motion for summary judgement was DENIED by judge Beltrami last week) is already there, so thats 5

    ....not sure if I can put callahan in the devil category at this point, but in less than one week, we will see ......Callahan is my last choice, and we will see

  3. where was Callahan when Gracedale petitions were started? He was asked and he said as Mayor of Bethlehem it was not his problem, he walked away from the union. Now it is his problem, WHY? does he need Gracedales support to get elected? Now we will walk away from him. Sad choice for a leader.

  4. By the way, I agree that Callahan would be a nightmare. Even if he survives the primary, God himself will stop him in the General..Or maybe Brown, lol..

  5. Did Bangor Mayor John Brown sign the original petition to save Gracedale?