Thursday, May 23, 2013

"District Officials Ignore His Opinions"

...Whose opinion are we talking about?

Life is know - the way it works!

Call Gracedale a RAT-HOLE, that should be ignored...So Ron Angle said and thought.

Remember that? When Chris Miller outright called Gracedale a RAT-HOLE.

Well, Chris Miller too, thought that we should just ignore his distasteful statement. But how could we? Our loved-ones resided at Gracedale, you know...the Rat-Hole.

Well, just like a baby he is now crying, because no one wants to play with him. He took his ball and left...WHAT? WHY?

WHAAA, no one is paying any attention to me - WHAAA!!!

What Mr. Miller doesn't get is: he talks down to people.

For some moronic reason he thinks he know everything, and everyone else is simply stupid.

What a baby...check out:
Chris Miller Skips-out-of-school-board-meeting


  1. Does anyone know why O'Hare wasn't prosecuted for forgery when he forged his client's name to a document before the Supreme Court gave him the boot ?

  2. Miller and The Hairball should go into business together. They could call it IDIOTS R US. Seriously, I don't know which one is worse--but Miller takes the prize for the week by crying that nobody listens to his opionions.

  3. O'Hare's father was Northampton's County's DA AT ONE POINT IN TIME. AND SO he received some favors.

    Take a look at

    really funny.

  4. Trish did a great job with this one. I just LMAO. The casino guy is no better then the ohare hypocrite, but at least hes not wearing a dress HAHAHA LOL.

  5. That dance routine between The Hairball and Callahan is the funniest thing I've seen in months! A home-run for Trish.

  6. I think White should induct O'Hare into the Hall of Shame. Was O'Hare proven to be a liar by the State Supreme Court ? Did O'Hare lose his meal ticket because as a Justice Department employee he lied to his superiors in Washington ? Did O'Hare cause a widow and her three children to become desitute because of his unscrupulous behavior ?

  7. Please don't allow someone (from allentown) to take-over this blog. All these anti-ohare comments are OT. We don't like the guy, but this is about Gracedale. By allowing one person to constantly comment and derail the message, it dilutes our main focus=GRACEDALE!