Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes He Feels Like A Nut...

...He always is!

So who are we talking about? You guessed it...The LIAR Bernard O'Hare III.

This man does not have a clue what sanity is. It seems that his brain was burned-out by the consumption of all the...well, whatever he consumed to self-medicate himself, for whatever the reason he felt he had to self-medicate himself.

Because he has nothing better to attack Lamont McClure with, he runs-amok telling stories about Mr. McClures employment. Well, at least Mr. McClure has a job.

Bernie sounds jealous that Lamont McClure is still practicing law, legally serving as a member of the court. While O'Hare on the other hand, who once served, is now disbarred, and probably will never ever again hold the trust he once did because he must undergo (and pass) psychiatric evaluation to be re-instated. Why was he disbarred you ask? Well, the supreme courts conclusion was:
Forgive us...But we must
present the truth.
This is Bernie O'Hare!

Dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude.

The fact The Mr. McClure holds honest employment is to his credit.

To O'Hare's dis-credit...he can't help but LIE about anything and everything. He gets so desperate that he say's anything, just about anybody. And when that doesn't work, like the baby that he is, he calls people all sorts of names. Big deal!

Your done buddy!

We dare suggest that Callahan is playing O'Hare, and that will be revealed if Callahan is elected.

The honorable Mr. Reibman has no use for O'Hare! And what about the honorable Mr. McClure...well, let's just wait and see how this all plays out. No more privileges buddy!

In our opinion, O'Hare's days of dirty pool at the courthouse (under Syoffa's rule) are almost over.

Soon buddy...soon!


  1. You folks have hit it right on the mark. He is a sad and disturbed old man. he is going the way of Angle and Stoffa.

  2. When the Supreme Court suspended O'Hare did it cite mental problems and/or disorders for it's actions ?

    1. Cut and paste the link below, it provides a wealth of info your seeking.

  3. I highly doubt that Mr. Callahan forgot how Bernie treated him when he was running for Congress against Dent.

  4. ...and he has the audacity to call you a fake reverend.
    Look what he used to say about Mr. Callahan.Does BO really believe that John, his family, and his friends will ever forget the good ole days when O' was trying to do him in?

  5. If Callahan is elected The Hairball will be PUBLICALLY SHAMED by Callahan's people the first chance they get. Watch and see how it happens--the pro politicians have had enough of this asshat Hairball thinking he can run the county.

  6. All of this rings of the Gracedale referendum.
    Bernie lost and he has been trying to recoup in so many different ways.
    He cannot believe that a "fake reverend" took him down and shredded him.He has never counted on the TRUTH to help his causes.
    Then when he least expected it, his love interest started in on his personal assets and liabilities.
    So, he is finally getting a dose of his own medicine.
    I do not know John Callahan,but if he is as street smart as I think he is, he better soon divorce himself from this "bottom feeding blogger.Just a thought.

  7. O'Hare will never live down Gracedale--or what he COST Stoffa and Angle. That's why he is persona non grata to every politician in sight. They may smile at him face to face--but watch their expressions when they turn away from O'Hare. Like they just met a cockroach.

  8. Hey Bernie, You aren't welcome in Northampton County. So we're going to get you a nice job blogging in Somalia. You'll fit in real nice with the people running the country.

  9. Here's a challenge to The Hairball--show how much access you have and blog about your PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH CALLAHAN Ha Ha Ha. I can't wait to hear the gagging sounds from John's staff when you request to see him.

  10. @3:49 O'Hare couldn't even get Callahan to say hello to him if they were both stuck in an elevator together. Which John's staff would never let happen.

  11. Just read Ron Heckman's brief interview on O'Hare's blog. Liked what he had to say and am looking forward to his being on county council.