Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Difference...

...Between a politician and a statesman/woman is two things - "Money and Power!"

For money and power, politicians will do whatever they have to (seeking to further their own cause), in many cases ignoring the very people they promised to serve. Yes...that's a politician

A statesman/woman seeks to fulfill the needs of the people. Honorably understanding that they were elected to serve in the best interest of the people.

Money and power however, are the two factors which corrupt the thought processes of statesmen/women, who may start out on the right path, but ultimately veer of course, and become politicians.

We as a people must pray for our political base. That means that regardless which of the four running is elected to the seat of County Executive, or which are elected to five available County Council seats, we must pray for them, that they make the correct decisions to fulfill the needs of County. We must pray that they not fall into the trap of "Money and Power", for that will hurt the county, and certainly be their downfall. Not to pick on Ron Angle, but, he is a prime example of what can happen when money and power rule ones life. And we all know what has happened to him...but for him too we should pray - scripture says: "for all people".

God will hear our prayers, evidence of such was the Gracedale Initiative. We The People couldn't have succeeded without His divine guidance.

I would like to take this opportunity to pray for our County:

"Heavenly Father, I come to you this Sunday morning, on behalf of COAF, and on behalf of all those within the county who believe and trust in You. Humbly I request that in the mist of the upcoming election, you provide the good folks of our county the wisdom and knowledge to choose the right leaders. Lord, you who know all things, we ask for your guidance, provide us please with the discernment necessary to select leaders that will...not only serve us...but more importantly your Kingdom. Allow us the patience necessary to endure the wrongful accusations made against us, and please restrain us from doing the same. Lord, on behalf of the believers in our county I say: We love you, and we thank you for never abandoning us...Amen.



  1. Lord hear our prayers.
    Amen !


  2. I'm certain he has.