Monday, May 20, 2013

The Time Is Near...

...To make the greatest difference we can make - relating to our local Government.

The removed Angle. The going, going Stoffa...
...and the - I'm just such a failure, O'Hare
Consider that in 2010, we had a tyrant as president of our County Council - Ron Angle. Supported by a "keep a low profile" tyrant County Executive, John Stoffa. Supported by the twisted blogger, Bernard O'Hare III. 

In 2011 we removed Angle, along with a few of his worthless followers.

Our committed effort to the citizens of our county, with special regards for our helpless elderly, sickly seniors, and our fatherless children did not end, the fruits of that tree will be realized this year when Stoffa is removed from office. We say: "when he is removed", because he could not win if he ran for a third term...we would not allow it! Hence the reason he wisely chose not to run.

We said we were in the process of cleaning house, and four out of five incumbents took us seriously, so much so, they too decided not to run. 

Our unprecedented and dedicated effort to restore honor, honesty, dignity, integrity, loyalty, and respect back into the ranks of our elected servants in Nor-Co is soon to be realized...Soon! 

On May 21, 2013, We The People will  provide the right folks the opportunity to run for elected office in November. And then, in November, We The People will effect the greatest change in recent Northampton County political history.

The beginning of that change started in 2011 with the removal of Angle, but, does not end this will continue into the future of our great county.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families support members of ALL parties because we do not believe solely in party, but more importantly, in the character of the public servant.

Lamont McClure, regardless what anyone says about him, has served our County well, with exemplified character.

When Mr. McClure initially spoke in favor of keeping Gracedale as a service to humankind in Northampton County, he spoke of "Moral Obligation", something that no other candidate has addressed. That to us is honorable.

When he was faced with lies and deceit, he overcame his wicked adversaries with the TRUTH. That to us is integrity.

When he was ridiculed and called names by his unfriendly foes, he turned red in the face, however, he maintained his composure by humbling himself. That to us is respect.

When the "Peoples" friend (Lamont McClure) was told that there was nothing he could do to save Gracedale, he rolled up his sleeves and said: If its a fight you want, a fight you will get...but, selling Gracedale is not an option. That to us is loyalty.

That's why We The People support:

The People's Friend...
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

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