Sunday, May 5, 2013

ET Has An Obligation To Tell The People What???

...According to Bernard O'Hare:

"The ET feels it has an obligation to tell the people what they need to hear, as opposed to what they want to hear."

Really, says who? Oh...that's right - says the deceiver O'Hare. We think he really meant OPPORTUNITY!

In our opinion, ET has a self imposed obligation to report NEWS because that's the nature of their business...not to make the news! And certainly not to steer the news in an opportunistic direction.

Freedom of speech does not mean dictate!
And they certainly have "no right" to tell the people anything.

As a newspaper, they simply have an obligation to REPORT anything they deem worthy of reporting "AS NEWS", Period.

He goes on to say:

"Panderers like "Maclure" or Reibman will tell people what they want to hear. After all, it is easy to say, "I love Gracedale." It is harder to tell the truth. The truth is that Gracedale is going to continue to cost us substantial sums of money". Yet, another LIE!

It is hard to tell the truth, especially for a pol (we think he meant poll, he's a little nervous theses days).

Leaders have people to their left, right,
and behind them. Way to lead Lamont.

Callahan does that. He was willing, for example, to argue for a single hauler trash bc it is cheaper and would be better for the citizenry (says Bernie). An elected official owes that to the public. He owes his best judgment. When he does give them that, he becomes a leader instead of a panderer (unless that's not what the citizenry wants).

Neither "Maclure" nor Reibman can ever claim to be a leader. "Maclure" claims to have led the fight for Gracedale. He actually followed the fight. He was a panderer, and told the public what it wanted to hear. That is all he or Reibman have ever done."

Folks, please take notice (highlighted in yellow) that O'Hare tells us what we  ALL already know about him, (and usually the people he supports)...ITS HARD FOR HIM TO TELL THE TRUTH...he surely happens to know an awful lot about that topic doesn't he.

Hmmm...What can I do with all those ZERO's? 
O'Hare also says that he never condemned Mr. Callahan.

Really! We all know that O'Hare trashed Callahan when the Mayor ran against Charlie Dent. That's a fact!

Two questions, 1) If Callahan was running against Dent today, who would O'Hare embrace? Callahan? Certainly NOT!

And, 2) How does Mrs. Callahan (Mafalda) feel?

Does she think that O'Hare is remotely telling the truth? That he never trashed her husband? We think not...O'Hare should ask her himself and then publish her response.

As we understand it, she's not very happy with her husbands affiliation with O'Hare during this campaign because O'Hare did "in fact" trash Callahan.

Which leads us to a 3rd question:

Was O'Hare telling the truth about Callahan then, or is he telling the truth today?
They Can't see me...
...can they?

You see...the problem with being a known liar is; no one knows when your telling the truth...or if your even capable of telling the TRUTH.

Bernie O'Hare is a known LIAR, who always hides behind something or someone. Always prowling to devour his prey.

We take absolutely no pleasure in making that statement...however, the truth is always the truth! And we MUST always tell the truth.

Now we wait for his name calling...we expect it, but we really don't care what he calls us, because we know his character...or lack of.

He who tells the TRUTH, smiles often - Keep on smiling Lamont.

On May 21st, vote for the HONEST...
...Lamont McClure.


  1. You are so right. It is like the current debate over the sheriff who released confidential information to a foe of Ms. Mezzacappa. Mr., Stoffa was one of her reference but says he would have never vouched for her. yet we know that Mr. Stoffa and Ms. Mezzacappa shared some emails that would lead one to believe that he would do more than vouch for her. Red shoes anyone.

    This has been brought up on O'Hare's hate blog but of course he quickly deletes it. So once again the liar John Stoffa will end up in court but this time the emails will show that maybe Ms. Mezzacappa had a reason for using Mr. Stoffa as a reference.

    He and O'Hare can't be gone from the county soon enough. I just wish county council would stop giving him and his henchmen everything they want in an attempt to bankrupt the county.

  2. I think that I heard something about red shoes too. What do red shoes have to do with our County Executive?