Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who's Car Is This?


John Callahan takes City Vehicle to Campaign Office

Dear Friends,
My opponent has been running for higher office for almost his entire 2nd term as Mayor of Bethlehem. In his failed congressional bid in 2010 he started running and raising money in 2009 the year he was reelected.

He then began running for County Executive in 2012. Leaving him little time to be mayor. As a matter of fact the photo above shows the mayor's taxpayer funded vehicle outside his campaign office. This has been a regular occurrence.

Mayor Callahan is using city resources to campaign for higher office. That is not the kind of leadership we need in Northampton County.

If elected as your executive I will not raise your taxes, not waste taxpayer money and will not forget the importance of Gracedale to the seniors of Northampton County.

Thank you for your vote May 21st.


  1. Wow! Nice catch. Maybe Callahan will go down in this primary.

  2. This is the political BS that needs to not only end here locally but all across our great nation.

    People need to wake up and realize what is going on all around them.

    "Love your country, not your government!" -Jesse Ventura

  3. He also takes his city car to fundraisers and other events where he is drinking. Has he ever got into a accident with a city car? The answer is yes! Was he drinking? This guy is scum and will be caught one day. He is to arrogant and thinks he is above the law to stop his immature actions.
    Vote Lamont and tell your co-workers, friends and family to Vote on Tuesday, May 21st!
    Polls open 7AM to 8PM

  4. His brother -in-law crashed into a city police car after a cocktail party. He never paid a dime or even was cited for the accident. This is what you can expect from Mr.

    He has already told the woman that screams at people in the community development office he will make her the new Director. She has been campaigning for him for months, even though she works full-time for the county.