Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Problem With...

...Nor-Co Media.

Television, radio, and especially "newspapers" really should not be endorsing any political figures...the minute they do - they lose all their credibility to be able to report the happening news fairly and honestly.

While we were collecting petition signatures, Jaciel Cordova of channel 69 news politely refused to sign our petition because (as he put it) that would make me BIAS, I'm sorry but I can't do that. We said: we understand, thank you anyway.

Mr. Cordova understood that if he signed the petition, as an anchor for the WFMZ news team, he would be taking a side. Hence, he would not be able to report the facts of the story fairly. 
The Express Times and the Morning Call on the other hand, both endorsed John Stoffa for County Executive in May of 2009 (make the connection here - they signed Stoffas petition), and then what did they both do for the last several years - they did nothing more than protect their endorsement.
They actually had to! If they failed to protect the dishonorable Mr. Stoffa, they would have to admit they were wrong about him. And really, who wants to admit they are wrong? Certainly not the news media! They want people to think they are right about everything, all the time. But, if the truth is told - the only people who ever really admit they are wrong are HONEST people.
Citizen, taxpayers, and electors of Northampton County, just consider that the greatest political story ever told in Northampton County - was never told. Yes...the Gracedale Imitative was a herculean effort, that all who bet against, lost money on. It was an event which challenged our local government in a way that the entire nation watched...but ET and MC both failed as media to cover the story fairly.
Why? Because such an action had never succeeded before, and because their guys lost. And so what does the Express Times and the Morning Call do with Northampton County's greatest political story ever? Did they plaster it on their front pages...NO - of course not! That would only occur if their guys (Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare) won...BUT THEY DIDN'T. So to avoid embarrassment, the media chose to bury the story instead...played it down, you know, like it was nothing to talk about.
Well, we all live here...and we all know the truth without question!

Now ET goes on record to endorse another John. Another harlot who bears similar characteristics as the first John. John Callahan is saying during his commercials that he wants to help save Gracedale...REALLY? So we must ask again (if that is true), where was Mr. Callahan when Gracedale was in real need of his support? Don't you recall? He was shunning her? He outright refused to help then...why???
Nor-Co, make no mistake about it - John Callahan will sell Gracedale in a heart beat. The way any hustler would sell their women...without care.

We haven't been wrong yet, have we? 
You want to see if we're right again? Then cast your vote for Callahan...but remember however, you will have no one else to blame for the sale of Gracedale but yourself - if you do.
Northampton County Needs Lamont McClure to serve us as the new County's just that simple!


  1. COAF made history and made democracy work with the referendum,which by the way, was fought by the infamous trio,with taxpayer,our money.
    The ET responded by awarding COAF with a TURKEY.
    The referendum passed almost 3-1.I guess the ET sees NORCO with alot of Turkies.
    History will see the Community effort as a trophy and the editrial board as turkies.
    Their word is not quite as accurate as they would have US believe.

  2. They don't really THINK at the ET or the Call. Bill White is in love with himself. Give him another drink is all. The ET editors are too busy trying to increase their circulation and save their jobs. Nothing is working. That leaves The Hairball who has nothing to do with legitimate reporting and would you call him a suckup failure creep? Or something worse?

    These dudes aren't worth one minute of attention. Rev. Mario YOU GUYS are some of the few people who really are doing something because you are speaking up and won't wuit. Please keep writing about Gracedale and people like Callahan, who wants to climb the ladder to Washington on the backs of people he once refused to help.

    Be glad if the newspapers and jerks like Callahan try to ignore you--it means they are going down the toilet all the sooner. The Hairball's attacks are even better because it shows how scared he is of you.

  3. When Mr. O'Hare was still a lawyer did he sign his client's name to a document without his permission ? Was that act covered by the crime of dishonesty ?