Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Message From Lamont...

Dear Friends,
Our opponent in a recent debate touted his job record in Bethlehem. The one important thing he failed to mention is that unemployment in his city is over 10%. That is a 57% increase in unemployment since he took office 10 years ago.
My plan calls for an investment in Economic Development that will bring living wage jobs to Northampton County. I will hire a Director of Economic Development who will work with LVEDC and others to provide opportunities for companies to bring jobs to Northampton County.
I am also the only candidate that won’t raise your taxes in my first term. This pledge will allow seniors to be able to afford to stay in their homes, reduce the burden on families who have not been able to find work and give citizens more money to invest in Northampton County businesses.
I fought to prevent the sale of Gracedale. Voting for me May 21st will allow me to fight for jobs and fight against tax hikes for the citizens of Northampton County.


Lamont McClure

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