Friday, May 17, 2013

The "End-Run" Stoffa...

...Is headed back to court.

It just seems unreasonable that County Executive John Stoffa would attempt to circumvent the authority Council.

The matter in question is one of sheer arrogance on the part of John Stoffa. Some will say: You guy's are always critical of Stoffa - And we would say: That's because Stoffa is always attempting to do something that does not align itself with our laws.

County Council voted twice in six months to keep Nazareth Ambulance in place. John Stoffa doesn't like the decision made by County Council, so instead of honoring Councils decision, what does he do? He attempts to over-rule their decision with another scheme.

But...lead by Lamont McClure's insight in our "Home Rule Charter", Stoffa is being sued again, this time by County Council.

While we're not certain why Bob Werner voted against the resolution (he offered no explanation), the County Solicitor has been mandated to file a court action against John Sotffa by a 7-1 vote (Bruce Gilbert was absent).

Listen to what some had to say:

 A True Leader - Leading!


  1. Bob Werner. A Stoffa man if ever I did see one.

  2. I'm uncertain as to why Bob Werner wouldn't offer an explanation as to why he didn't vote to defend the Charter.

  3. Bob Werner seems to have his own agenda....just don't know what it is!!!! At times I believe he is for the tax payers and then I think he wants to suck up to Stoffa---can't have it both ways Bob. We all know who Stoffa cares about--HIMSELF-the taxpayers be damned