Friday, May 24, 2013

Stoffa Continues To...

...Play his games!

DA John Morganelli " I don't understand it"
Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli has filed a court action against John Stoffa again.

The DA said: "I don't understand it, they're just sitting there and ignoring the court order."

I like sitting on my hands!
That's Stoffa's method of operation. If he doesn't want to do something, he just ignores it. We suspect he thinks that by ignoring will go away. Stoffa tried to ignore us...but, we didn't go away either.

READ: Back to court!


  1. He just needs to quit already!!!!!

    1. I agree. soffa should just quit!

  2. How Bill White can't put this bum in his Hal of
    Shame is a sin. Just for that, Bill White should put himself in he hall.

    Stoffa is an incompetent man who lies though his teeth. Glad he is leaving. To bad county council is letting him clean out the county coffers before he leaves. Big tax increase in the future.

  3. Stoffa footed the bill for oharie and angle with taxpayers money and did not mind. The swaption he held it for 2 more weeks at a cost to the taxpayers he did not mind at all.

  4. Stoffa has illegally and unethically used county tax dollars.

    Stoffa and his buddy Ken Mohr have scammed NorCo council for a new Human Services Building that will cost millions and hurt the programs as they will have to pay more rent. There is no room for more workers in future and will be 14,000 square feet less than the current two buildings. Stoffa has let these building rot for 7 years so he can handcuff and hoodwink council into voting or it. Goes with his plan to decimate human services that he has so clearly shown in his tenure. Mohr tells the council that the county population has grown and will continue to and that human services is cyclical and there will most likely be a needs for more workers. Question is where will they go? If they are still there and the program they represent.

    Stoffa has fired two workers in court house with no validity and now the county has to pay up and clean up that mess.

    Stoffa has given his flunkie, Marcus an A+ endorsement. Marcus still knows very little about human services after his appointment 7 plus years ago. Glad to see Stoffa picked someone with qualifications as people skills instead of a campaign favor to a donor. Lol

    Stoffa is trying to be vindictive against a caseworker for speaking the TRUTH and trying to let council and the public know what is going on in human services.

    Stoffa has also repeatedly violated the charter and his authority and now has taken a step further in thumbing his nose to a court order.

    When will it end?

    Where is council?

    What will the DA do about this?

    Why is the express times and morning call not investigating and do some unbiased journalism?

    Who will step up and be a leader to lead NorCo in the right direction?

  5. Typical of Stoffa. He is sneaky. I bet he didn't follow the court order not becasue he is so "busy" but because he wanted to irritate Morganelli who had WON. Very seldom do you see anybody so petty and so unfair in a position to which he was elected.

  6. He has gone to court against the citizens of the county. he has been sued by county council. He has been sued by the DA.

    This guy is either a crook or incompetent. he should be in a Hall of Shame but the media types love him. He has conned them like he has others into thinking he is the son of God in local politics.

    He is the biggest phony in politics. Just a vindictive, mean and grudge holding old man. Good to see him leaving.

    The sad thing is even the new council member's are being conned by this clown.

  7. Think twice and carefully in November. Hail when Stoffa leaves for the last time. Enter John Brown as the new Exec. No more lies, no more corruption, a fresh face in the room.

  8. No, Hairball--it's going to be a Democratic sweep and Callahan will be elected. Brown like every Republican would sell Gracedale the minute nobody was looking.

  9. Agree with anon 11:28. My fear is also about Peg Ferraro. When the debate was raging she was wringing her hands and going back and forth. Can you imagine is she was the deciding vote. No, she is too weak and wishy-washy, I will vote straight Democrat for county council.