Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stealing is Stealing!

Whys is it that when John Stoffa or Kathleen Kelly steal tax funds by misusing the resources available to them, O'Hare thinks it's okay?

But when Amy Fields does it in Upper Mount Bethel it's not okay! Hypocrisy and insanity comes to mind. In the Fields case, O'Hare's says in a May 14 post: "Last week, she made full restitution, with money borrowed from one of the Supervisors (sounds like Marcus chipping in). Because Judy Henckel is facing a re-election contest, the hope was that this would quietly go away."

Was Kathleen Kelly on this cruise
using tax dollars? Hmmm.
Stealing really is stealing. When Kathleen Kelly decided to misuse tax dollars, she knew very well what she was doing. Did she care? Absolutely not! Why not? Because she has cover - John Stoffa and Ross Marcus.

Last night, because our County Controller Stephen Barron presented the truth about some MORE "MISUSE" of taxpayer funds, he is ridiculed by the "Court Established" demented Bernard O'Hare III.

Be quiet - Don't get caught!
O'Hare acknowledges that Mr. Barron discovered that Kathleen Kelly has been illegally charging the county for artwork at the new human services building saying:

"So Barron decides to look over the expense sheets of Gregory's bosses, and discovers they were illegally charging the County for artwork at the new human services building."

"ILLEGALLY CHARGING THE COUNTY" - Those are O'Hare's words, not ours. So instead of calling for an inquiry, O'Hare slams that man who discovered the illegal activity. And folks, get this...Ross Marcus, and some unnamed supervisors decide to dip into their own pockets to cover up the illegal activity. How do we know that? Because O'Hare tells us so:

"When Barron complained that this incidental expense is improper, Marcus and other Human Services supervisors simply dug into their own pockets and paid for the prints themselves."

That sounds like Stoffa-Gift...when John Stoffa agreed to pay back $700.00 dollars of misused tax dollars, and then called it a gift, when we (on this blog) pointed out that the payment was actually an admission of guilt.

See...this is the problem folks, and the reason that so much internal "Illegal" activity takes place within our local governments. When our county leaders like John Stoffa are misusing tax funds, why shouldn't a subordinate misuse tax resources too? And if big deal, we'll all just chip in to put it back and it will all go away. NO IT WON'T.

STEALING IS STEALING folks, unless of course you work for John Stoffa, then it's okay. Just don't get caught or they'll have to put it back.

Note that the only reason they are willing to put it back is because they took it in the first place. It does not belong to belongs to the taxpayers.

O'Hare, in his May 14 post about Amy Fields also says: "I know one county employee who got caught stealing and was given a second chance. She then stole $80,000."

Our questions is: How long do We The People have to wait before the proper law enforcement authorities do something about ALL this blatant ILLEGAL ACTIVITY?


  1. Honest question:
    Did Kelly personally benefit from this-ie did she bill the county for personal items? because if so, I think you're right.

    On the other hand, if she billed the county improperly for office furniture/fittings, then it might be wrong, but I wouldn't call it stealing.

    more detail would be great

    1. After reading this post, I read Ohares to see if it was true that BO had used the words "illegally charging the county" and I discovered it was true. So I think this question is better asked of BO.

  2. In the real world, these people would be canned and charged criminally. $100 for artwork, $700 on free legal for the 2 dunce caps....

    money is money and it belongs to the taxpayers.

    Shame on Stoffa, Marcus and Kelly, and thank god he is soon to be out of office...the others should follow him out the door. This is disgusting.

  3. Great job..Kelly would call it borrowing and Ross would call it investing, lol..They both need to go and go soon..Great job on this piece.. Bernie is over there trashing your friends by the way...

  4. There was a crooked man, who had crooked stick, who walked a crooked mile. Who do I sound like? Any guesses John Boy?

  5. Word on the street is, where is the EXPRESS about this?

  6. They are ok cutting services and telling a mentally challenged woman to take a bus but they can buy artwork for a building that is being sold. Dies that sound sane? More of the Stoffa/Marcus incompetence at work. These guys sneer at the public because they know they can. The media gives them a pass and has for seven years. County Council is impotent. so they do as they please.

    This Kelly woman has had her job for decades, so if she claims she didn't know she couldn't use this money, she must be either lying or incompetent.

    Either way she is a liability to the county. Gregory is not the only MH employee who has been terrorized by this woman. Now she is hurting consumers as well. It is time for her retirement.

  7. It is time for people to be held accountable for their actions and receive appropriate consequences!!

    People need to wake up in this county!!

    Where is the DA?? Stoffa now Kelly using tax dollars illegally!!

    Ugh, when does this end?

  8. Where is the ET? In Stoffa's pocket of course. The ET is downright stupid when it comes to Stoffa and the Hairball. The ET thinks only about selling papers not reporting all of Stoffa's crap.