Monday, May 13, 2013

Retaliation Continues!

On April 19th, we reported that Jim Gregory stood before County Council and expressed some concerns of wrong doing, which, as he stated, are currently going on inside the Mental Health Services department.

He called for the removal of Kathleen Kelly as Director of Mental Health Services, suggesting that Ross Marcus should follow her out the door. He was trying to blow the whistle - understanding fully well that in all probability he would be terminated. Well, the termination did not come (yet) but, the retaliations has! And that's not good!!! Not for Jim, and not for the County.

We are in possession of a Nor-Co Disciplinary Action Report, form #23, which shows the date of the report to be: 04/26/2013. It appears that shortly after Mr. Gregory's "open discussion" before Council, the wheels of retaliation went into motion against him.

The document shows May 2nd, 2013 as the date the employee (Jim) attended a disciplinary meeting with the following attendees: Brian Watson, Wendy Heatley, Joe Jachowicz, and Kathleen Kelly, (remember her? She's the one that Jim asked to be removed).

The document is also signed by Kathleen Kelly, who indicates: "Jim was offered a meeting with union representation at 3:50 pm approximately. Jim refused to meet without an attorney present. Therefore, a copy of the discipline was handed to Jim in a sealed envelope". See below...

In light of the document, we have to ask John Stoffa and Ross Marcus a few questions.

Q1 - Is it true that Kathleen Kelly sent a memo that essentially orders a caseworker to cut clients transportation services without discussing it with the client?

Q2 - How much input, if any, did the clients have relating to the decision that was made?

Q3 - How were the clients impacted and affected by the drastic changes, and if you will, what was their responses?

Q4 - Is it true that Ross had a meeting with Mr. Gregory, as well as five others on which Mr. Ross told Jim that we should help these Clients (most of whom are in their seventies to eighties) become independent, teaching them to take Lanta Vans, after being made dependent on the county for transportation services during the past ten years?

Q5 - Is it true that we are paying millions of dollars to providers like "Waverly" in Forks Township, and Northwestern Human Services in Bethlehem, in the meantime doubling Mental Health workers case loads, as well as cutting staff.

Q6 - Considering the possible reality of a projected forty-five million dollar surplus this coming year, do you think it is reasonable to cut these seemingly meager services to our most vulnerable citizens?

Q7 - Is County Council aware of these measures, if so, who?

We have a few more questions, however, we feel it is reasonable to give you some time to chew and digest these first.


  1. O"Hairy wouldn't debate Jim G at Panera, Ross Marcus is afraid of his points, Kathleen Kelly can't wait to see him go, he is the pariah of Human Services bless his handsome soul.

  2. WOW.. why is it through our history time and time again , that when people try and speak out the truth, to bring light to a dark or wrong situation, to fight the good fight only trying to make it right for the common good of man, those are the people who are assassinated, persecuted and terminated?.. well, I believe in the truth. I Thank you for sharing this story of what is going on. I hope others will realize how important this issue is, and will stand together in support. I admire your courage Mr. Gregory. Keep up the good fight! Good will win~

  3. Keep up the pressure--Stoffa backs up his pets while the real workers suffer. Kelly should be the one to go not Grtegory.

  4. Truth shall win eventually. Keep fighting Jim. There are many folks that have your back. The problems of the county can be traced back to a few individuals and their time is almost up. Hold your Head High Jim and COAF your efforts have been worthwile and you have succeded on many fronts but your tasks are not yet complete. Stay strong!!!

  5. This woman told his attorney to leave the meeting. She should be either one suspended by Marcus but it won't happen. Marcus fears her as much as Stoffa. She has a reputation as someone who has a temper and does as she pleases. She should be investigated by the Human Services Committee for her disservice to consumers and staff.

  6. She also told his attorney that there is a county policy of not bringing an attorney into a meeting. She did not have the policy, and his attorney asked for it and all she had nothing in writing.

    She also had this discussion out in the common area in MH, which was highly inappropriate.

  7. It is unbelieveable that so much fear could be generated by one person being paid on the taxpayer's dollar.
    Hey, Ross and Stoffa -do your job,or is she barking ON YOUR BEHALF?
    When the infamous trio decided to trick the public into the sale of Gracedale,all the corruption began to come out.
    Someone ought to investigate this woman. Smoke and Fire???

  8. O'Hare and his poison posse are really attacking Mr. Gregory. They are claiming Gregory is involved in backroom deals for candidates the COAF didn't back. They are also claiming he does not care about people as much as Marcus and Kelly.

  9. The Hairball is furious because he thinks only HE is the one who should "expose corruption." But once again it turns out that Hairball Inc. in on the side of the so-called powerful ones like Stoffa, Marcus and Kelly.

  10. Kelly's "temper" would vanish in the very minute when she loses the support of Stoffa. She thinks she can do what she wants. Dump all of them.

  11. You only have 6 Months left. This too shall pass