Friday, May 17, 2013

A friendly Message...

Dear Friends:

Since we can remember Bethlehem has not had a single hauler trash system. People are free to choose who they wish to do business with in the city. John Callahan thinks you should have to use the hauler he selects for you.

While Northampton County has a state of the art 911 system, I respect Bethlehem's wishes to handle their own emergency management. John Callahan made 911 services a pawn in recent budget talks.

The mayor now wants to instruct you on who the next mayor of Bethlehem should be.

The mayor's fiscal mismanagement, irresponsible borrowing of federal funds to pay day to day expenses and the looming fiscal crisis that faces whoever is elected mayor of Bethlehem is a legacy that should not be rewarded.

That is why May 21st I hope that you will vote for me. Leave the pay-to-play politics, the strong arm policy positions and tax increases in the past.

Thank you for your support!


Lamont McClure


  1. to be completely fair, Callahan never suggested a 911 merger.

    but the Reynolds endorsement was stupid

    1. Sounds like another Stoffa.