Friday, May 10, 2013

Why Candidate Jen Sletvold?

A recent comment stated:

"I am curious. Could you please explain your pick for County Judge? What did you like about Sletvold that was better than the other candidates? What makes one better than the other?

I just have a hard time going on someone's recommendation if they don't state what their real reasoning is behind their selection. The Judge's elected position is unlike the other elected positions of county executive and county council. Your reasoning in the article makes sense for those positions but not for judge.

Could you please be a little more forthwith and descriptive."

And certainly we agreed to do so in a post...

...Jen Sletvold personally did what none of the others did, she reached out via telephone to many folks of the county seeking their votes. But first, before she asked for their vote, she informed them of the reason she was seeking a judgeship. And then gave each individual an opportunity to questions her. We actually know she did this because she called a COAF member without knowledge of whom she was speaking to. This process is very time consuming - but she did it because she has a burning desire to serve her community...with - as she put it "integrity and fairness".

To us (COAF) integrity is something few seeking office ever speak of. And so certainly we were intrigued by her devoted example.

When she reached out to COAF, seeking to meet with us, we were delighted to sit with her over lunch to discuss her views and positions on various items of interest. She spoke very openly and honestly. She really radiates mercy and justice, which in our opinion, is exactly what we should be looking for in any judge.

She spoke very caringly about her practice client-base, stipulating that she will work just as diligently for the taxpayers as she does for her clients.

She also spoke caringly about  her devoted husband Robert, and her two young sons, Christopher and Nathaniel. A devoted wife herself, she understands the value of family.

She expanded on her compassion for our seniors, and our fatherless living in broken homes. And the responsibility we as a people have to assist them. That's compassion!

She explained her various credentials, which we won't go into here, but we will suggest to anyone who wants to know what her credential are, go to:

Last night during the debate we saw Abe Kassis, and we know it was him because he wore a name tag seeking votes, but he did not make it his business to talk to us, seemingly not caring. In which case we have no alternative but to assume that he doesn't want, or doesn't need our our support or votes. And yes we know Chris Spadoni and he knows us too. We had dealings with him during the Gracedale Initiative movement. We may have supported him...but, he hasn't reached out to us either. Tom Carroll, we have never had the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately, he never presented us an opportunity to know him either, or the opportunity to decide whether or not to support him.

So you see...we decided after meeting with Mrs. Sletvold, that if she could care enough to want to make an positive impact on our lives from the bench, we would care enough to allow her to.

In a nutshell...she gave us the time of day!

Hope this helps you make up your mind.

On May 21, VOTE:
Jennifer Sletvold
For Judge  

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  1. She is an incredible intellect and her integrity is remarkable..I wish her the best !!!!