Monday, May 20, 2013

COAF Supports...

For County Council:
Peg Ferraro
Ron Heckman
Jerry Seyfried
Seth Vaughn
Deb Hunter

For County Executive:
Lamont McClure

And For Judge:
Jen Sletvold


  1. Love some of your choices. However I would definitely go with Abe for judge over Jennifer. 14 years as assistant DA and a 20 year lawyer he has what it takes to be a great judge in this county.

  2. Great choices, especially for county council. I agree with anon 4:02, I would pick Abe over Sletvold. She is too much the opportunist.

    All in all though, I agree with your picks. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the people.

  3. Good job, you guys.. Great choices for Council..They will change things and that despicable OHare will run for cover.
    Stoffa and OHARE are toast..They just don't realize it yet.
    It's like Custer riding into the Little Big Horn saying, " Let's get those Indians". They are done! They are now doing their best to smear your friend Gregory. It won't work. The truth will come out and they will , once again, crawl back to the bottom of the pond with the rest of the scum...We will see you all soon..The best to you friends..

  4. Lets all work hard tomorrow for our candidates.
    then we can have a better county government.

    God Bless all!!!