Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Seth Vaughn For County Council.

We had the opportunity to meet with Seth at Gracedale earlier this year, and he highlighted for us his intent for the County.

Seth is very concerned with the condition of our bridges, and has promised to address that matter as soon as possible, considering of course that he is elected, and we believe he will be.

We endorse him because he was as honest as anyone can be, admitting to us that at first, dealing with the Gracedale matter, he was sitting on a fence because the issue was presented to him in a skewed manner. Also, that at that time, he did not know enough about the issue. It takes courage to admit the truth, which is why politicians usually don't reveal the truth, as statesmen do.

We believe his honesty demonstrates his integrity - And for that reason alone we do support him.

We believe that Seth will bring a flavor of youthful perspective which our current council lacks. But let us be clear, we don't believe that age or gender has anything to do with ability to govern the county. After speaking with Mr. Vaughn we made the decision to support him because we believe he can do the job better than the four that are leaving.

We trust that his healthcare knowledge and experience will help sustain Gracedale. He promised he would not vote to sell Gracedale, we trust he will keep his word. We are certain that his military experience as a Marine has produced a much needed leader in our County.

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Seth awhile back he is a very compassionate ,intellectual ,caring man , and would be a breath of fresh air for Northampton County Council.
    Good Luck Seth