Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Disturbing News...

...About Mayor Callahan's Character.

As you all may know by now, on Friday Mr. Callahan  endorsed William Reynolds for Mayor of Bethlehem.

Well first, pay close attention to what BO says he did:  "In fact, Callahan criticized himself for not speaking out sooner. "I chose not to get involved because I have my own race to run," he explained, adding that he had intended to remain neutral."

This is exactly what Callahan did with Gracedale during the "Gracedale Initiative". He chose not to get involved, instead he wanted to sit on the fence to see what would happen. He then strategize how the outcome could help his political future. If the referendum failed he could say: I was not in favor of keeping Gracedale, that's why I did not support the initiative. But, if the referendum passed, he could go on record saying that he feels Gracedale should not be sold, and announce his intention to run for County Executive at Gracedale.

BO also admits and points out that: "Getting involved will hurt Callahan among some Donchez supporters who might have considered voting for Callahan. He's already being criticized by opponent Lamont McClure. "The mayor now wants to instruct you on who the next mayor of Bethlehem should be".

Well, again we have to say that BO wrote much about Callahan's character during his run against Charlie Dent (who BO favored at the time). Now Bo wants us to believe that Callahan's character is good...he has changed. Well, lets explore that possibility...

Mayor John Callahan - 2nd from left

After Callahan's endorsement of Willie Reynolds, what did Mayor Callahan do? He drove his municipal vehicle over to Steels Pub on the South side of Bethlehem, where he enjoyed (according to the information we received) a few drinks with a few others.

And then what did he do? Well, when it was time to go, he got behind the wheel (of his taxpayer car) and went to, of all events, a Police Memorial.

Folks, we're not making this up! And we're certainly not saying that Mayor Callahan shouldn't enjoy a few glasses of beer if he desires to. What we're  saying is he should act responsibly, and make good sound decisions.

He is running for the highest elected position in the County...he must be an example for all to follow...Is this really the example we want our youth to follow (or anyone else for that matter)?

To add insult to injury, BO posted two pictures of Mayor Callahan before going to the pub, the 1st) looks like the two guys behind Callahan are ready to catch him if he falls, and the 2nd) Looks like Mayor Callahan is sleeping standing up. Again we say, we're not making this up...go to the other blog and check out the pictures (hopefully he doesn't removed them because we pointed this out) - then tell us we're wrong.


  1. Could that be drinking an driving, with a city car? This guy is something.

  2. Callahan needs to be investigated and Fired!

    I know who I am voting for, do you?

  3. I agree with everything you say..So, when he wins the primary, which he will, I hope you won't be supporting him in the General election. Cause your posts are absolutely on target..To turn and support him later would be crazy..Brown is a great guy!!

  4. But John Brown did not support Gracedale from the start like Lamont! Brown was asked to sign the original petition but refused. He still hasn't come out in support of Gracedale, as Lamont McClure has. Only 1 candidate for Executive has supported Gracedale from the beginning.


  5. That's true about Brown but Reibman has always supported Gracedale however it was Lamont McClure who lead the the charge ti save Gracedale and he gets my vote.