Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A New Day Is Coming!

...A day when we can TRUST again.

Facts, logic and TRUTH will stand tall in the end, because there is no greater weapon than the TRUTH.

We have the greatest opportunity coming on election day - May 21.

An opportunity to select by the power of our VOTE, the right Statesmen & women, who will hopefully never compromise their own integrity, and who will always strive to do what they know to be right.

For County Council, we have endorsed:
  • Peg Ferraro
  • Ron Heckman
  • Jerry Seyfried
  • Seth Vaughn
  • Deb Hunter
For County Executive we have endorsed:
  • Lamont McClure
And For Judge:
  • Jen Sletvold

Yes...we believe in our representative government, and yes...we elect officials to represent us, with the understanding however, that if we feel they are not serving us (but themselves instead), we will raise our voice to be heard, and we expect to be heard.

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When we hire a contractor for example, to install an addition to our house, we do so because (for various reasons) we want them to do the job. We will however, tell them what we want them to do, with a definite expectation they will do what we want. If they fail us - WE FIRE THEM!

Imagine a contractor, once they get the project, they begin to tell you what you want (because it will make them more money). And they tell you that you have to accept their end product (like it or not) simply because they said you have to...Is that really acceptable? No it's not! Well...not to us it's not.

The same holds true with our elected officials - we vote them in (give them the project) and then we expect that they fulfill our needs (not their own). If they serve us well...we will not only recommend them to others, but we will also hire them again. If they fail us however, we will exercise our right to fire them.

The Honorable Mr. McClure has served us well. We will hire him again!

TRUTH, the greatest tool in any shed!


  1. You have made solid choices, especially your county council picks. that makes for a well informed and knowledgeable group.

  2. Great picks. Please people vote for these people and have a smart and honest county government.

  3. I am curious. Could you please explain your pick for County Judge? What did you like about Sletvold that was better than the other candidates? What makes one better than the other?

    I just have a hard time going on someone's recommendation if they don't state what their real reasoning is behind their selection. The Judge's elected position is unlike the other elected positions of county executive and county council. Your reasoning in the article makes sense for those positions but not for judge.

    Could you please be a little more forthwith and descriptive?

    1. Certainly...look for a post with more info forthcoming shortly.