Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Day After...

...Certainly we believe in the voice of the majority - So we take our hat off to Mr. Callahan for securing a position in the November General Election.

Our choice...Lamont McClure - has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We all understood from the beginning that with limited financial resources the odds of a win were small. As Mr. McClure stated during his final remarks however, we achieved our goal:

"My friends, what an adventure this has been. We have achieved in this race our primary goal, we, the folks here who supported us, the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families, our friends, the Gracedale employees, and others. We, have achieved the goal of keeping the issue of Gracedale front and center...And, we have through our strong advocacy during this campaign, been able to get most of the major candidates to make a solemn pledge, to never sell Gracedale."

Now, it's time to move forward!


  1. It is an awful shame that your financial situation depends on a win or loss.I known this has always been but it is not the money that helps the people you serve it is what is in your heart that counts.

  2. Does anyone think Bernie's obssession with Lamont is a little weird ?

  3. I like White's idea in his column this morning of inducting Mezzacappa and Bernie into his Hall of Shame together. That would make BO crazy. I bet his sent White 50 emails about it already.

  4. Everyone ask everyone you know to email Bill White and nominate O'Hare. It I s unbelievable he isn't already in Bill Whites Hall of "fame".