Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stoffa Is Still Lying!

John Stoffa is still trying to SELL Gracedale. There's just no question about it.

On Business Matters all three lying Amigo's said that taxes would have to go up if Gracedale was kept in county hands, remember that? But taxes didn't go up, did they? Not even after paying out 27.5 million on the swaption that Stoffa was too stubborn to buy out of when it was more reasonable.

Both, Ron Angle and John Stoffa are like two little vindictive brats that must get their way, or away they walk with the ball, even if the ball is not theirs.

Why can't they understand that Gracedale belongs to the taxpayers, who overwhelmingly told the public servants what they want. The taxpayers also told Angle where to go, and if Stoffa would have decided to run, they would have told him where to go too.

The people are so fed up with these two lying culprits. We also wonder why anyone would be asking Angle anything about this. The Express Times wants everyone to believe that they are neutral, but they continue to show favor for Stoffa and Angle, listen to what Stoffa says through the ET:

liar photo: Liar Liar.jpg"County Executive John Stoffa, believes that despite the improvements ushered in under Premier, Gracedale will continue to hemorrhage money. State and federal reimbursement rates have declined for years, and the trend will leave the county unable to fill the gap without substantially increasing taxes. He blamed his administration for not doing enough to educate voters on why county government should not be involved in the nursing home business."

The fact is, Stoffa and his administration did everything they could to lie to the people, presenting all kinds of deceptions but, COAF was in his face with the TRUTH, and the TRUTH prevailed.

Folks, Stoffa's intent is to pave the way for the next executive to sell our Gem. In our opinion, for all the wrong Stoffa has done he should be prosecuted.

Just remember - we told you before...we were right. We're telling you again...don't let it happen!

Read ET: Gracedale - Two Years Later


  1. John Stoffa is without a doubt the worst leader I have seen.

  2. I can tell you for certain that whomever is elected to council, Repub or Dem...there will not be enough votes to sell Gracedale. No one will do that.

    When I asked Peg why the Premier people have not made good on their promise to break even, and why they are not paying their PENALTY that was part of their contract, all she said was "There is a way around everything."

    Do you want this kind of person on council?

  3. He will lie until and even after he leaves office. he wants his "way" and always will. He wanted a building of his own in an Industrial Park, it took him seven years and an inexperienced county council but he finally got it. It will mean less money for services but he doesn't care. It will mean a tax hike, which he will blame on Gracedale not his terrible incompetence.

    Gracedale will always be vulnerable and we must stay vigilant and trust those who we really know ere willing to stand and defend Gracedale before an elation depended on it.

    Sorry but I do not trust most of the county council candidates except Mr. Heckman and Mr. Seyfried. The others were weak or came on after the fact and close to their election.

    I don't care about the executive race, just a strong county council.

  4. Stoffa is still bitter about not selling the Home. It was part of he and Angle's master plan to raise quick cash. He didn't give a hoot about the residents and still doesn't. The only thing he wants is "his way". Sadly county council and the some of those we supported gave him the overpriced and unneeded building in the Industrial Park.

    O'Hare and his poison poise are on his blog talking about how Gracedale is going to continue to drain the county. The only thing draini8ng the county is Stoffa and his team of incompetents.

    Marcus was a political favor, Harp was an old Stoffa pal who now gets another public pension. Will be glad to see those goldbrickers go, especially Marcus and Harp.

  5. Marcus is toast..Neither of the two candidates want anything to do with him..Kelly is going with him..Can't wait..I'll be there to say goodbye to both of them JB

    Have a nice day, Ross, lol