Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Final CC Endorsement...

Vote Deb Hunter...Is Deb Hunter.

Our endorsement Of Mrs. Hunter takes us back to the actual Gracedale initiative time frame, during which she stood up for Gracedale firmly.

While she did not really know our group then, she stood alongside of us saying exactly what we were saying: Don't sell Gracedale!

And while she has not asked to meet with us, we feel compelled to support her because we have not forgotten the stance she took to help save our precious gem Gracedale.

Our commitment to Gracedale compels us to endorse not just the people we like, but most importantly, people who's actions demonstrate their commitment to the County and its people.

We also agree with her position on our youth. Either we invest in them, or invest in a larger prison.

Deb understands what it means to invest in her community because she has been doing so for many years, both on the school board, and in the classroom.

We remember her zeal when fighting for Gracedale. We expect that she will bring the same zeal to the County Council chambers. And we expect that she will listen to the people, and make the difference for the people that the four leaving us could not. On May 21, 2013...
Deb Hunter
For County Council


  1. She is being pushed by Callahan. Part of his machine. He wants to gain favor with some of these people, so they just nod their heads on county council the way many of the city council members nod their heads.

    I like most of your picks, even Vaughn and Ferraro but this one I feel is a mistake.

  2. I am hoping that she will be her own person and not some pawn for anyone.
    When I heard her speak, she seemed pretty strong to me.BB

  3. During the Gracedale saga, she made her points clear. I don't think that she will be in anyone's pocket.