Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bernie Doesn't Understand...

...That We The People are awake - and with open eyes, no one has to tell/show us...we can see the TRUTH for ourselves.

Today we know the truth to be - O'Hare is the real prevaricator...and when he hears and/or sees the truth coming at him, he doesn't know what to do, and he can't get out the way. So the TRUTH hits him hard...really, really hurting him. All he has to do to avoid his current dilemma is get on the side of TRUTH.

When anyone stands on the side of TRUTH, with a sincere heart, seeking to do right...well, as we have been witnessing, not even the self professing bottom feeder can touch you.

Yes...This is what a self proclaimed bottom feeder looks like - scheming to destroy COAF...their followers - and most importantly, Gracedale.

He can say what he will about any member's of COAF, who cares? certainly not COAF. But understand this Bernie, We The People can see for ourselves that you are Stoffa's side kick, and both, you and he are still trying whatever you can to destroy Gracedale...why else would you now be trying to disband Gracedale's Wound Team? Answer that buddy. Tells us, and then show us just how much will be saved by carrying out such a reckless act.

Also tell us if you can, who will truly suffer by that action Bernie? The residents of Gracedale that's who! But do you or Stoffa care...No, you don't. All you care about is viciously hurting others to gain for your selves...and We The People know that because you yourself say you are a bottom-feeder...and Merriam-Webster defines a bottom-feeder #3: as an opportunist who seeks quick profit usually at the expense of others or from their misfortune. You see Bernie, we really did not say any of that about you - YOU DID...can you be so thick-witted that you don't understand that. Stop saying such negative things about yourself, and we will stop high-lighting...maybe;-)

Back to the suffering issue Bernie, why should we subject especially our elderly to needles pain because there is no longer a specialized TEAM to tend to there open wounds? WHY??? Explain that on behalf of your benefactor!

We guess that in the demented mind of County Executive John Stoffa, it is better that our beloved suffer, just so that he can get even with all who have exposed him for what he really is...so he turns to you Bernie, to try and discredit COAF - well bring it on...cause we're not going anywhere!!!

We are prepared to fight til the very end to defend the WIDOWS and ORPHANS who helped make NorCo the GREAT County that it is today. And we will fight to keep the Wound Team in place...because We The People will always...

GOD Bless Gracedale


  1. How can there be glee and profit in hurting those elderly people who cannot do anything for themselves?
    I guess Mr. O'Hare has given us a peek of what Hell must be like.
    I say let us begin, once again, for all of NORCO citizens to know what Stoffa wants to or has already done.

  2. O'Hare can only mock and attack others. There are people that help and serve and then there are people like O'Hare. His blog asks people to come and "do no harm", he then deletes and censors all who he disagrees with. He lets anonymous and fake names post as long as they defend him and Stoffa but O'Hare will delete any criticism of his or Stoffa's actions.

    Lately he has become even more unhinged than he usually is. He is really a sad sad little man. He now lives in his delusion along with his pretend friends and family.

  3. Does Stoffa AND Premier not realize that if they do away with the wound care team that the residents will indeed suffer. When different people assess the same wound you will not have the benefit of knowing from day to day if the current treatment is working. With wound care teams in place you have CONTINUITY OF CARE. I am sure the wounds will get worse if the team is disbanded. When this happens the lawyers will be waiting at the door!

  4. so tell me, was this article written by mezzacppa? it sure sounds like her normal rantings and ravings?

  5. Removed comment from BO. Bernie please stay off our blog.

  6. hey - i just posted a comment and you removed it. why bother having a blog if comments don't remain?

  7. just for the record that comment was not from "bernie" whoever he is. but i find more often than not that this is not why i started coming here to hear all kinds of trash. i came here for gracedale and now alll i hear al kinds of trash and you people are supposdley "holier tha thou"

  8. This is actually a very good care program and it should be continued. There are many efficiencies in other areas to address. The cost of this is minimal and the service it provides is important. If that means a re-negotiation with the union, fine. Make it clear who is taking this away.

    Now it just sounds like more of the Stoffa dumping Gracedale policy.

    He will never stop.

  9. I know O'Hare and his haters are still trying to defame the Reverend and all the members of COAF but stay strong. The community appreciates your efforts on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens.

    Lets just stay strong and be sure that next year when we elect a new county government we make sure we get quality, experience, knowledge and most importantly honesty and integrity. all the things Stoffa bragged he was but in the end showed he never had. O'Hare and others will push their money choices and we know w hat that means.

    We must demand good government that knows what it is doing and cares about what it does.

  10. O'Hare is a disgusting pile of toilet sludge and should be sent to a psych hospital, top floor, no windows, 4 points, padded walls.

    no food, just tic tacs

  11. The psychology behind O'Hare is frightening. Since he has failed at everything he has ever tried to do (Ie, lawyer, marriage, children) having been ousted from those areas of his life, he feels an entitlement to destroy destory destroy, and leech onto people who want nothing to do with him.

    Word on the street is Dat's mom (fake grandson) is trying to get a restraining order against O'Hare from filming and photographing her kid, and is refusing to accept any more of Bo's money hand outs, ie tuition for Becca....and Dat is now in public school.

  12. Word on the street is O'Hare is already not allowed to have any contact with his real grandchildren......makes you go hmmmmm!!!