Sunday, June 3, 2012

The depiction!

This is how County Executive John Stoffa - by association with Bernard O'Hare depicts our beloved Gracedale!!!

This picture and contenets is posted on O'hares hate blog in relation to Gracedale...
...How do you feel about it?

In our opinion - Gracedale "the facility" and the County should sue Bernard O'hare for this awful (and unlawful) representation of a his most recent LIE...According to this depiction, and latest slander, Gracedale is nothing more than a POT HOUSE...what's next? - a CRACK HOUSE? No...wait a minute, it actually refers to it as a DRUG FACTORY.

This is definately not a truthful representation of Gracedale, but a misrepresentation of the facility intended to financially ruin it, condoned by Stoffa. And if we're wrong, we will apologize to the Executive...but Stoffa on behalf of the Taxpayers and resident of the County, MUST initiate a lawsuit against O'Hare (which may prove that we are wrong).

John, you sued the people for working toward saving it's time to sue O'Hare for trying to OPENLY HURT Gracedale. And, in this instance, we authorize the use our of tax dollars to do so. Remember the vote was 75%.

If Stoffa does not, then County Council should look at O'Hares latest post and pursue a legal action on behalf of the tax payers, who in addition to the residents of Gracedale, is who O'hare intends to hurt.

If this was a private business...the business owner would not hesitate to sue O'Hare for slander - would they? So will the County Hesitate?

Protect Us County Council!

Let's just do it!


  1. We should all be APPAULLED BY THIS!

  2. Don't even try to reply to his crazy blog, you will be deleted without mention. He is back to making comments just go away. Her only allows his hater friends.

    One post he deleted pointed out how Stoffa has bungled just about everything during his reign. O'Hater of course blames the previous Administration for all of Stoffa's problems from the swaption, to the archives building, to Gracedale. The fact is Stoffa has been in office seven years and that defense is wearing pretty thin.

    He could have paid off the swaption anytime in the past six years, most of that time for next to nothing but he did nothing. For six years we did not need a "new" building for archives and really still don't. However Stoffa had to run out and buy a warehouse in the middle of forks twp, even while complaining of having no money. He doesn't realize most of us know the archives lease was paid for by archive fees and not tax dollars.

    As to Gracedale, it is clear that idea was his, Angler and Hater's in order to fund the drug rehab place.

    So we have Stoffa last year claiming the county was broke and this year going on an all out spending spree.

    Stoffa has no plan, no vision. He just talks a lot and makes stupid jokes. He is an incompetent and inefficient manager who blunders from one decision to another, from one crisis to another whether real or imagined.

    Sadly, he will leave the county broke and in disarray when he leaves.

    Of course O'Hater did get the Gracedale haters out, the ones who are allowed to post. They are yelling about how Gracedale will be sold in five years. They are clueless.

    Never again. O'Hare can delete words but he can never delete the truth!

    Sadly, I doubt we can depend on our county council. Not a stiff spine amongst them.