Saturday, June 23, 2012

O'Hare Abandons Angle

It did not take long for O'Hare to betray Ron Angle, who by the way has been MIA...trying to fly under the radar - and begin loving Rons slayer...Scott Parsons.

Man -  he sucked up to him like, and probably better than a Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks the dirt from deep within - in his scott-parsons-swaption-slayer post.

What is the TRUTH? - well, we're so glad you asked...The truth is that Bernard O'Hare the 3rd is nothing more than a blog traitor selling himself to the highest bidding political dollar, and nothing more.

But that's okay because everyone who has been watching knows it. Who exactly knows it? well lets see? EVERYBODY!

Just think that no one fears Bernie anymore. What he writes is meaningless anymore...and that ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, is by itself  - a triumph.

And what about the County Executive John Stoffa...well, first and foremost, let us say that in our opinion...without a doubt or question - he has established his legacy as the worst of the worst of the worst County Executives ever to hold office in the great County of Northampton.

Sorry folks, but, we must take some responsibility - we voted for him...most of us did not know better, and that is to our credit, however, we did elect him...and while that does not mean that we all voted for him, he was smooth enough to kinda pull the wool over the majorities eyes - let us from this day forward be informed enough to never make a mistake like that again.

Does that mean that we want to see him incarcerated? Not necessarily, however, if you or we commit(s) a crime - where do you/we go?

Well yes, if found guilty by a jury of our peers in NorCo...we do, and should go to Northampton County Correctional Facility.

At the moment we are not really at liberty to discuss all the evidence that we have, but yes, we do have evidence in the form of not just emails, but surely emails, which tie:
  • John Stoffa - current County Executive
  • Ron Angle - Ousted County Councilman
  • John Conklin - Employee under Stoffa
  • Mark Stewart - Law Firm Hire To Sell Gracedale
  • Bernard O'Hare III - Ordinary Citizen who considers himself more!
What's next...or what's left?
The final phase...

Remove the cancer...
John Stoffa


  1. At the very least lets be sure not to just "follow the leader" for the next Northampton County Executive Election. No more surprises , no more bs.

    Stoffa was a dangerous warning. People never, ever though Gracdale would be threatened but looked what almost, happened. It could easily happen again, despite speeches.

    Let us be sure this time.

    Please, our county and its residents depend on it.

  2. I think it is all a ruse. Wrong Angle is staying away so he can reposition himself as the new Right Angle. He plans to run again and don't be surprised if you hear him as the "pro-Gracedale" candidate. He still doesn't beleive in it but will package himself as obeying the "will of the people".

    Of course anyone who believes anything Angle says is on their own. However, there are a few Democrats urging him to run and even promising some support.

  3. Are those Dems for real?
    Why would anyone wish to bring back a cancer?

  4. The plan to get rid of Gracedale is still alive and well. It has just gone underground and got a lot more sneaky and secretive. Be careful.