Friday, June 8, 2012

The Killer SWAPTION...

...Strikes again.

When County Council voted to payoff the SWAPTION, it was at a $25 million dollar level. It appears that County Executive John Stoffa's hesitation to pull the trigger when given permission to do so, has cost the taxpayers an additional million - the Swaption is now at $26 million.

To add insult to injury...the Executive did not desire to report on the SWAPTION openly, instead he asked for the CC to meet with him in Executive Session, which simply stated, means in the BACK ROOM...behind closed doors.

Why behind closed doors? In our opinion so that We The People would not be wiser to his continued display of incompetence. 

A vote was taken on the matter because Councilman Lamont McClure objected to the request, stating his objection in this light "I do not believe that this subject is appropriate for an Executive Session, I think this is one of the two or three most important policy issues to effect County Government since I have been here, and I think it will probably continue to effect it after I have left County Government, and I believe that any information received should be received in public, and I just don't think it falls within the exceptions, with all due respect to Mr. Longenbach".

A slight pause, and Councilman Dietrick requested, and was granted the floor - He went on to add that going behind closed doors is "just another opportunity to go in a direction I'm not comfortable with." This after stating that he had voted against two different SWAPTION directions in the past. Ken Kraft agreed.

The vote was taken and passed 5-3, and then when all paraded into the BACK ROOM, in a show of true UNITY, the three chose not to go back into the Executive Session...commencing comments of possible Sunshine Law violations.

With that said...our point Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCo - is that if taxes do go up...this John Stoffa blunder is the reason why. In just a couple of months, he has managed to cost the taxpayers another million dollars...with absolutely nothing to show for it. In our opinion, it is just as if he allowed a thief (Bank of America) to steal our hard earned tax dollars while he snoozed.

Stoffa's dwindling friends may believe in their twisted minds that We The People are attacking the poor County Executive...but really - think about it...all we have done to date is:


We are not launching personal attacks on him, as he has to us through his perverted friend O'Hare, who during the Executive Session told our spokesperson at least twice - to "go to hell"  in front of many witnesses. And take note that we say perverted because of the picture we can attest to, which is posted on his blog depicting an elder woman who could be his mother, in a very compromising situation.

We WILL NOT post a link to the picture because it is so deplorable and disgusting, and certainly offensive to women, elders, and any decent person of our great County.

Their despicable behavior is just that - despicable!!!


  1. It amazes me that the council claimes it wanted a more "transparent" government yet pulls a stunt like this. KUDOS TO McCLURE, KRAFT & DIETRICK for sticking to their beliefs. I was rather disappointed that Werner and Parsons went into Executive session. Let's hope they haven't been hooked up to Stoffa's strings!

  2. I think it is interesting to say the least that the three are from both parties. I guess that can be seen as a good sign.

  3. Stoffa is no leader, he is barely a decent manager. He always needs a "boggy man" to point to and blame things on. He could have dumped the awaption years ago for next to nothing. He did nothing because it was always there to use a scapegoat. When he wanted to dump Gracedale, first he blamed the unions, while at the same time giving other county unions nice raises. Then he pulled out his Ace and blamed the swaption.

    Without the swaption, Stoffa would have to stand on his own two feet and lead. That has never been his style. he is a blamer not a leader.

  4. Behind Closed Doors

    It seems that closed door meetings aren't the norm when you read how others governments dealt with their swaption problems.

  5. Stoffa wants the entire swaption to get worse and blow up even bigger. He is smart enough to know that if you divert attention here, you can slip by over there.

    He is on the hook for his illegal funding of the O'hare lawsuit but he wants everyone to look at the monster payoff he is making sure stays ongoing.

    The guy is as crooked as an Englisman's smile!