Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter To Editor Update

As you can see in the Letter-to-editor  post, the editor Jim Flagg chose to use his right to add a note attempting to defend the paper by saying that they (the Express Times) had covered the story, but in fact they have not.

Respectfully, we believe the editor is confused - he speaks to a court action which is still in litigation in the supreme court that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with John Stoffa using tax dollars to further a private litigation. The cases are actually miles apart.

Practicing attorney Larry Otter has been pursuing payment from the persons who brought suit against the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families, because our limited funds did not allow us to pay him his worth. Now, how exactly does that have anything to do with the County Executive John Stoffa authorizing the use of tax dollars to assist - for personal gain, a private citizen in a personal, and private litigation?

Possibly $31,000.00 of tax payer funds may have been used to assist Ron Angle and his henchman Bernard O'Hare...where exactly has the Express Times or any other news paper covered the story? The fact is they haven't - and the express times reporter Tom Shortel was actually handed all the documentation provided to the County Controller Stephen Barron, as well as to the County Council who is currently investigating the matter.

Please Mr. Flagg, with all due respect - show us the story...or acknowledge that you have failed to cover it. The People are simply asking that you cover all newsworthy stories without that asking for too much?


  1. Stay on this, it is important. I hope county council steps up to the plate on this issue. they are acting like cowards.

    I will be assessing all county public officials and candidates based on their positions on all this sordid affair.

  2. I guess no one in County government can read.
    Where is District Attorney John Morganelli on this? Head in the sand or somewhere else. It is real easy to try a murder case but in this case what is the problem with political corruption?
    Where is the county council after being presented with the evidence of this wrongdoing by Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare?
    I would certainly agree that the local media has dropped the ball on this one. It does not take Woodward and Bernstein to figure this out. Note to local media: Read the bills and the emails from Eckert Seamans then interview all the players and see what they say and run the story

  3. If county Coucil ignores this then they too become part of the problem. Many people are watching what position they take .

  4. Mr. Flagg, do your job and report the truth. Or at least put the different opinions to the people and let them decide.