Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Long Can This Go On?

This whole Stoffa situation cannot continue - for the sake of the County.

If we really have a majority of the County Council who's zeal is to do is only a matter of time before EXECUGATE is revealed for what it is - a malicious act by the County Executive John Stoffa to literally hurt the entire County without regard for any, especially our elders.

John Stoffa could have easily, and rightfully done the will of twenty three thousand plus, and then the will of 75% of the voting populace...but instead has arrogantly, defiantly, and unjustly refused to do so.

At this juncture, his actions have clearly demonstrated that he wants to do it all his way period. He is not interested in anything that anyone else has to's his way, or the highway - as the saying goes.

Unfortunately for him, the highway he wants us on is a mess created by him. A mess that makes absolutely no sense to anyone other than himself, and a few who follow him.

His thought process indicates that he is going to show all who have come against him on the Gracedale matter that he, and he alone is in CONTROL. He seems disengaged, disremembering all about his initial desire to lease Gracedale...but, he does not seem able to forget about his extreme desire to sell Gracedale, even after the vote of the people instructed him to forget about it.

He seems to have so much venom store up that he cannot for the life of himself see the reality here...and that reality is that he is an elected SERVANT...who is supposed to be serving his electors, most of whom (75%) disagree with the sale - so we gave him a directive to protect Gracedale instead...end of story.

If John Stoffa had the good of the people in mind, he would simply do the will of the people...which is why most of us see him as a self-serving County Executive.

So why exactly is his so hard-pressed to attack the very people who elected him? Hmmm...excellent question - who has the answer?


  1. Word on the street is, is M.I.A. going to show Thursday to bail Stoffa out?


  3. Well at least the tree stooges will be reunited. O'Hare will have his boyfriend to sit with and get some more cash.

  4. Word on the street is, more lies and half truths. There will be a lot of hot air. If someone brings a baloon we can fill it at counsel meeting.