Friday, June 15, 2012

Who Runs This Blog?

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families does.

This site was established by me...Rev. Mario Martinez, as a member of COAF - for COAF, because I had the skill set to do so. However, I don't run the site, I merely write what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ puts in my heart, and COAF accepts what I write, or they don't.

And if they don't, they ask me to remove the content as they have in one, or two instances in the past...and I remove it because it is NOT my blog.

When I say on this blog "I" it's me talking, and I sign my name to it - when I say "WE" it's COAF talking...and when COAF talks , they represent 23,000+.

If the site belonged to me, COAF would have ABSOLUTELY no say in what I post. Why? Because it would not matter to me what opinion they held.

Now lets go a step further...COAF wanted the blog established to serve the needs of who? Themselves? No...the needs of GRACEDALE.

       I Love You Mom
COAF, as a caring group of citizens who decided to engage government, did so why? Because they do care! And not just about their own loved ones...but about the future to come.

How do I know this? Because just like me, their loved ones (with one execption, and what a smile she has) have left this world to be with Jesus in heaven...but here WE still are, fighting for what's morally right, for all who reside in Gracedale.

Bernie O'Hare would have the County believe that I am a fake Reverend...and that's okay with me too. Why? Because while I do have ordination credentials deemed necessary by the secular is GOD Himself who ordained me to serve Him - and in His service I protect the WIDOWS and the ORPHANS of the who really cares what the deranged mind of Bernard O'Hare the 3rd thinks...surely not I.

Yes, it's true that Bernard O'Hare the 3rd told me what to do with myself on the parking deck of the courthouse...and what did I do? - no, I did not punch him in the mouth...that would be too easy...instead, I shared with him the Love of Jesus - the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.

When he told me (3) three times where to go during last council meeting 06/07/12 (38 min into the meeting), heard by those in attendance and can be viewed and heard on-line...did I punch him in the mouth - no, again, that would be too easy. Instead, I offered him the Blessings of God.

Take a listen - it's TRUE.

There is absolutely nothing that Bernie can do to hurt me or COAF, because God/Jesus/and the Holy Spirit stand as one with me, and with COAF.

Say what you will Bernie - it really does not matter...what truly matter is what God thinks.

I may be in Bernie's mind a fake whatever...but truly - the world is my pulpit. And no, I am not ashamed of the Gospels of Jesus Christ, I will proclaim His precious name for the world who wishes to hear. And lastly I say...I do not hate or despise Bernie - I love him as a brother in Christ. God Bless you Bernie.

Having said that. Happy Fathers day to all Fathers out too Bernie

Rev. Mario Martinez


  1. I think you wrote this because he threatened to sue you?

    1. Bernie, we're going to allow this comment this time, but, if you continue to delete our comments on your blog, we will delete this too.

  2. I can only hope and pray he sues me! As a Christian, well, there are rules regarding suing, and that does not mean that we can't, just that we must exaust all other avenues first. But if he sue me, then it's okay to counter with the truth...and the truth always please Bernie - go ahead and sue me.

    Rev. Mario Martinez


  4. No he does not.
    I know the Reverend better than most, and if he pursues you Benadicto in court he will win because the Reverend is actually is what he says he is. It will be up to you to prove that he is not, and you cannot do so because he is what he says he is. But, what the heck, if you’re dumb enough to try, you deserve what you discover.

  5. Good post Mario, we (COAF) will always be here to stand up ,and fight, and speak for those who are unable to do so themself. We have one Mother in the group that is with us yet and her smile is worth it all. The rest are looking down from heaven. You have to care for all not just are famlies we are all God's children.
    " Happy Fathers Day" to all.


  6. Thank you so much for your kind words Maryann.

    What the three deviants who have cause all this ruckus in NorCo don’t seem to understand is that we are not going to go away. We are here to stay because we have lived to be an example that they can never live up to, but they should follow.

    The Lord Jesus put us together, and therefore, no one can tear us apart…We will always stand together, united for the riotousness of Jesus, and the good of the helpless, simply attempting to do what is morally correct, without reservation for what may come to us, because it is the right thing to do.

    And as we fight for the last of us…we also do for the rest to come - because we are all children of God…and that is what the Lord Jesus would have us do.

    GB RMM

  7. Rev, I have written here and on the other blog you speak of, "that a man is judged by his works not his words". Your works and the works of the entire COAF group show that people dedicated to a cause can move mountains and topple empires.

    You are only fake in his eyes because as an attorney his works betrayed him and now he only has words.

    There will always be con artists, haters and slick politicians in the world but you and the other COAF members prove that people can make a difference. Despite power and money, a group of dedicated people can and do make a difference for us all. You should all be very proud of your accomplishments. Don't give up the struggle, there are still many struggles ahead and some political smoke and mirrors at work.

    I would identify myself but at this time I don't want to expose my family to the irrational hatred of that man. As for myself I don't care what he says but for my family, I am cautious, for now!

    An old friend from your early days at the diner. All the best to you Maryann and the entire group!

  8. Thank you for your kind words as well.

    I believe I know who you are by your writing. I respect your decision, and understand the reason you have made that choice.

    We (COAF) know as a group that at least 3 out of 4 in the County stand behind us, beside us, and with us in our effort to clean house, simply by way of their vote.

    This entire event, while sometimes tiring, has been extremely inspiring, one that I personally, will certainly never forget.

    I have basically three enemies...but so what? In the end – I gained the County as a friend. And equally as important, I have come to know a very special group of people known to the County as COAF – a rare group whom by their walk define the words LOVE and COMPASION.

    May God continue to pour out his blessing on COAF and the County.


  9. Would you be willing to show a little transparency? Would you be willing to show how much money comes into your Church/Ministries? Would you be willing to demonstrate how that money is spent? Would you be willing to show your finances? What kind of house you live in and what kind of car you drive?

    When you live in the public eye and preach the Word of God, you live under the watchful eye of the People. A Shepherd must lead by example. Would you be willing to demonstrate that you not only preach but live that same kind of life? Jesus walked and rode on a donkey. He had no place to call His own or lay His Head. Do the right think and put an end to all of the speculation. You have nothing to hide? Demonstrate to We the People that you are a True Shepherd; provide a transparent, financial summary of your ministry.

  10. The coalition was formed because of the member's concern for and love of their family members. They come from different backgrounds and did not know each other prior to meeting at Gracedale. Call it fate, Divine intervention, call it whatever you want but we came together and have stayed together for a purpose and that is to help Gracedale. All but a few in the general public have been supportive of our sincere efforts. The names we have been called, the law suits, the extra work involved are not too much to endure because we know our cause is worthwhile. If Bernie decides to sue be it. We will defend ourselves with truth and we will welcome the opportunity to testify about the evil deeds he has subjected our members to. The members thank our supporters and pray for our enemies.
    Happy Father's Day!

  11. Thank you, COAF for standing up to be counted for our elderly in NORCO.One would believe that when the majority of taxpayers want NORCO to rise and be counted among the majority for NORCO's elderly that the county executive would be leading the charge.Since he is trying to tear it down,is all the more reason to praise the efforts of COAF
    for remaing on the job, being vigilant, and counteracting the selfish actions of our county's administration who have not reacted well to the will of the people via a public,favorable referendum.

  12. We just removed Bernies comments - he won't let us on his blog - we wont let him on ours.

  13. We take Rev. Mario Martinez at his word when he says he writes what Jesus Christ puts in his heart, and that he removes content that COAF asks him to remove. But we have some questions.

    There is a sidebar notice on your Saving Private Gracedale blog that says: "We reserve the right to remove any comments not posted in good taste, or that can be considered derogatory or discriminating."

    So, if Rev. Martinez is guided by Jesus Christ, why has he and COAF allowed this blog to be used as a forum for Tricia Mezzacappa and other anonymous commenters (probably her as well) to make derogatory comments about West Easton government and individual borough officials?

    Some of the comments are false and others are potentially defamatory because they allege "kickbacks." Some of the language Miss Mezzacappa used was foul (use of the word "bulls**t"). Another commenter called two borough officials "a**holes." If you want proof, check out the comments published under the October 31, 2011 article entitled "Define a True Leader." Why didn't you show true leadership and remove this derogatory material in accordance with your sidebar notice and your Christian values?

    What do derogatory remarks about West Easton officials have to do with Gracedale? Is your cause saving Gracedale or is it defending Miss Mezzacappa? Some borough officials had family members residing at Gracedale and were against its sale. In fact, borough council president Kelly Gross knew your late mom, Rev. Martinez, and made an effort to comfort your late mom numerous times during Gracedale visits with her late grandmother. You see, Miss Gross also has Christian values, including compassion for others. She and her father, Mayor Jerry Gross, are the officials your blog falsely called "a**holes who took kickbacks."

    We raise legitimate questions. Your credibility is at stake. Would you care to answer, Rev. Martinez? And would you care to apologize? Better late than never! The Lord is watching and waiting.

    Signed, The Offended of West Easton

    P.S. Bernie O'Hare had nothing to do with this comment. This is not about him its about you and us, and we deserve a response. If you choose to delete us or ignore us, then we will know that you are neither fair nor contrite.

  14. God Bless you all. Dear Rev. Martinez many people appreciate what you have had to endure from the Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare hate group. Not only has O'Hare attacked you again and again, he now has to bring your deceased mother into his hate blog. He is a truley a hate filled despicable person.

    I can tell you that I, my family and friends will all judge people asking for our votes by their association with this evil and vile human being.

    I know he tests your Faith but stay strong. He is using your mother to get at you. He is evil and knows nothing of Faith or God. He is an instrument of Satan and nothing more.

    Good luck and God Bless

  15. Makes one wonder what BO's mother was like.

  16. While I have not seen what Bernie has written about my loving Mom, but I can say with certainty that Bernie cannot hurt or get to me because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ dwells within me, and he will not permit it.

    I will continue to pray for Bernie in hopes that he will turn from his demonic ways’, out from the darkness and into the light of Jesus.

    Bernie, Jesus does LOVE you too. Open your heart to Him, and he will radically change your life for the better.

    Sincerely I say, God Bless you Bernie.


  17. Happy Fathers Day to all. Mario, this is a very inspiring post you have written. Bernie has been forgiven time and again, but he refuses to hear the words, "God Bless You," "the Lord forgives you", and "we forgive you."

    He replies to forgiveness with words of hate. He replies to good deeds with words of hate. He replies to friendship with words of hate. Today is a day to rejoice and remember our Fathers and the Father Jesus Christ.

    I am not sure what Bernie is remembering today, but it clearly isnt the legacy of his own Dad, and it is not life's lessons which guide him. He refuses to accept the gifts of Jesus Christ, and the forgiveness that the world has showered upon him.

    He has life, freedom, and seemingly good health (not teeth) and for that he should be grateful. As more and more people see the truth, he continues to shrink and cringe in fear. The truth is all powerful, and the truth will always prevail.

    God Bless All and especially Bernie. I pray for his soul.

  18. O'Hare is again stalking you Tricia on his blog. He has another entry about you. For someone who claims he wants "you" to leave him alone, he sure "follows" your every action pretty closely.

  19. I'm pretty sure (though not positive) that his attorney, Rick Orloski, is having second thoughts about pursuing his libel lawsuit that has no merit. Fundamentally, his complaint completely lacks the necessary elements to bring the case to trial. His accusations that I defamed him are not provably true or false, and the case should be dumped.

    If he or his attorney were taking the case remotely seriously, I am sure he would have at least tried to stop stalking me. But as we know, O'Hare is incapable of any restraint at all. Frightening and creepy. I still remain terrified for my life. He is a sick, sick man who needs an involuntary 302.

  20. I'm hopeful that I can get an answer here.

    Bernie O'Hare has accused Ms. Mezzacappa of plagiarism. I've asked her politely on her blog of those charges are true, and both times my polite requests were deleted without comment.

    Ms. Mezzacappa, can you please answer the question? If you did take the work from somewhere else, a notation to that effect should be put on your blog. If you did not and Mr. O'Hare is lying, that should be noted too.

    Thank you.

  21. He claims you have threatened him and he is concerned with his safety. I doubt it but have you ever threatened Bernie O'Hare? He has certainly been a threat to numerous people and as far as mental health goes, that is the last thing he of all people wants to condemn anyone over.

  22. Bernie O'Hare loves you too RMM, please take him into your fold.