Monday, June 25, 2012

I Have No Class...

Say's Bernie O'Hare.

"How did a bottom-feeding blogger like me, with absolutely no class, get invited to a grand opening like this?

Beats the hell out of me."

This can't be disputed when Bernie says what he says about himself. He should know better than anyone just how vile he is.

Every reputable politician out there must take note about what this below no class individual is claiming. He is telling all of NorCo, and the world for that matter, through his blog, that he is the lowest form of pond scum that please also note - we did not say that, HE DID!

And those politicians out there that choose to associate with this self professing opportunist who seeks quick profit usually at the expense of others or from their misfortune...well, your walk with him will be visible, and you may discover that the occurrence experienced by the ousted Councilman, can, and most probably will be experienced by you the power of OUR votes - We The People will correct our errors. It behooves all self-serving politicians to take a serious note on this point...or possibly suffer the same fate as Ron Angle. Remember - No one thought his ousting was possible - But it was...and it happened - didn't it?

There is really no time left for playing games - We The People are awake, and we are diligently watching NorCo elected officials.

In our opinion, any elected representative of The People who deals with this self professing bottom feeder...can't be much better - and out too they must go!

We The People now patiently wait for news from the County Controller Stephen Barron that may end the reign of terror we have endured in recent history at the hands of John Stoffa...time will tell - hopefully not too much time.

John, think about still have time to STEP DOWN, and this could all be over.


  1. The O'Hater opened up comments again but don't bother posting. He only allows pretend names that make fawning statements about him or attack his favorite enemies. all other posts are deleted.

    He is a phony. The good news is if we keep our wits about us he and Stoffa will finally be out of running our county and people can finally get some well deserved good government.

  2. Bernie is a cry baby

  3. It is so funny to watch O'Hsre, the King of Hate, lose it again. He just posted a mockery of Rev. Martinez. Of course most of the posts slammed O'Hare so he once again deleted comments and closed down commenting on his blog.

    That is twice he has had to do that in two days.

    The old boy is really snapping loose.

    I guess he will just have to use the Sandusky defense and act like nothing has happened. Maybe he will go tape a kids ball game tomorrow to recharge his batteries.

    Rev., many, many people, are one hundred percent behind Gracedale and not behind O'hare and his new and old political friends who openly and secretly intend to close it down.

    Your blog has helped expose O'Hare for the fraud many have known him to be for years.

    1. Thank you for your sincere support.


  4. guys really are getting full of yourselves

  5. Bernie is full of it. Obviously this post has annoyed him and he takes criticism so well. Get ready for another tirade from this faux lawyer, excuse me DISBARRED LAWYER

  6. Word on the street is, bo is busy with R.T.K. looking for E-Mails from the COATF. Well I guess he does not have anything better to do with his time. He should spend more time in Stoffas office helping Stoffa run the county.

  7. Sorry that is COAF thank you

  8. bo what a waste of good air. On second thought bo is a waste.

  9. Stoffa,Angle, and O'Hare are on the run. They will never get away with what they have done with our money and their lies.

  10. O'Fat fashions himself as the editor of a spin magazine, such as "The Enquirer"....but isnt. He's just a terrified basement mouse, scrambling for his next meal, and his next photo of pre-pubescent boys...

    really sad, lack of life he has

    and really really sad that he doesnt know how to be a man

    he fails physically and mentally

    hes a marked failure at everything in life